Rimmel Extra Wow Lash

11:44 PM

Quoted from Rimmel:

'Extra Wow Lash mascara, the new volume and lash building mascara with 50% larger brush for WOW volume. The supersized brush makes it easy to build soft to dramatic look with visible progressive volume up to 12X. Lash building formula for highly defined lashes. No clumping.'

This is the product I received from Yuberactive.

Extra WOW Lash <<< same or not? haha

'Suitable for sensitive eyes.' I wonder, because my eyes are not the sensitive type. So cannot say much about that part.

Look at that brush! *I use SilkyGirl mascaras.. And well, this Rimmel's is bigger. >.< But wait, those it live up to it's claims?

Trend Princesses, put on your crowns! xD

1st pix: before applying.

Thankfully, I have 'good' lashes. They're long, not too long.... and many, not too hairy.... haha Just nice..well, for me, they are great!

2nd pix: 1st application.

Did I mention I'm not a pro in make-up? Yeah, there's clumping on my part! The lashes look better though.... do they? Let's see after the 2nd application.

3rd pix: 2nd application.

WOW! Looks more defined, right? Or is it because I zoom in too near??

Same procedures for the left eyelashes...

haha... I made a mistake during 2nd application for the left eyelashes....

I blinked!!! With the brush so close to my eye!

................................ and the brush stuck my lower eyelid!

Just look at that mess!

Okay, honestly, I was laughing at my own carelessness... hahaha

Enough with the story of the application of the mascara...let's tell the important, facts part...


- Light packaging, nice design on the mascara tube. There's a cute little crown on top of the 'O' in 'WOW'.

- Bigger brush reaches the lashes nicely. However... smaller ones work just fine for me though. So makes little difference for me.

- Volume building, my lashes look thicker.. a bit perhaps. Or is it the other lashes combining to each other? haha


- Formula dries slow. Must not blink or will leave fugly marks.

- Price. For me, RM27.90 is a bit much for just a mascara. >.< But if the quality's amazing, will reconsider...

All in all..... Okay, not amazing.... And for me, not really the WOW factor.

Available at Watson's Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Sungei Wang, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Seremban, Square One Shopping Mall (RRP: RM27.90) 
- Copied from Yuberactive's site.

So long til next review... who knows when...

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