1:54 PM

Let's just say......

I typed.

I backspaced.

Then I spaced out.


What to type here?

It's well into November.....

Okay, I have group assignments and I'm lousy as a leader and a friend. =.=

Point taken, I'm losing my edge.

I don't know why.

Looks like I'm back on to Square 1 in Life.

Being unmotivated....

It's just like ME.

Oh, gosh... get yourself a Life!

Things I used to love.

Things I used to enjoy.

Somehow doesn't seem much nowadays.

I wonder why?

I just wanna curl up and sleep.

Until someone slaps me back into reality, perhaps that's it.


I feel totally pointless now. When's the Exam? That might put me back into shape.

-Gila kah mau exam, org dread exam, kau suka pula...haha......


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