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Honestly if there's one thing I clearly dislike in myself. It's indecisiveness. Yeah, I don't stick to my guns. Always, I linger. It's pretty bad especially during Q&A. When my mind needs to be sharp but it wanders. Then all information get lost in the mind jungle. So, embarrassing myself, just jumble up anything about the topic. Yes,  that's why my sentences are always hanging. They're spontaneous speech. Heck, what speech, more like mumble jumbo of nothing. Like this paragraph now, I'm just typing out anything that's in my mind. How I love essays in Secondary school. The free essay part, not the damn rigid structure, formal letter, yada yada yada. Even if they give a topic, it's achievable to write on without the damn restrictions. Though I tend to get off topic. Ah, another thing to ponder on. I don't do mind maps or idea visualizing stuff. If possible, I just spill out whatever is in my head. But hey, they're mostly nonsense stuff that might bore you to death. Oh, did I just type in death? Nahh, let it just be. Super lazy mood to retype or redo.haha. Haven't posted much this month and the last. Not that I have nothing, well, okay, mostly I do have nothing to blog on. haha. But I tend to type and type. Then I read back and think...

"Oh, this post won't do. Need to write on something else."

Indecisiveness? Or just plain old perfectionist?

hahaha =.=

Whichever, I do that. I did typed but yeah, erased. Clean template. Wonder how this blog manages to survive. Around this time, I usually delete and start anew.

Nothing interesting? Yeah, me and my rambles. haha

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