MOFEW 2011

11:42 PM

hahaha.... I wonder how many can guess what the title stands for...

It's an event happening now (11 Nov 2011 until 13 Nov 2011) at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Hall 2 & 3!!!!

*so excited because I went there already!!!! xDDDDD but no worries, I didn't go picturescrazy... =.= not even one picture.. so terrible this 'reporter' hahaha

Okay, I'm evil if I still with hold this excitement. Maybe not much for the guys unless they want to buy gifts for their wives or girlfriend or whatever.

For the ladies, extra LOVE!! *I would like to know which ladies wouldn't love this event. >.<

Well, here's the thing.... *ahemm EVENT


Bits of facts!

It's the 2nd time for this MOFEW.

MOFEW 2011 features over 170 online fashion entrepreneurs nationwide.

-As taken from the booklet provided.

I'm listing only a few of the booths there because some were just setting up and I kinda got in the way. hahaha The ones with * are those I took more than seconds visiting because they were ready and the booth attracted my interest. Oh yeah, meaning * for the booths I preferred. haha

I've divided the list into advertisement type and the FULL list. The full list will be provided later, after I scan it 1st. >.<

The list: -as provided in booklet in advertisement form
ps: I'm only linking to their Facebook account. If you want their website/blog address, ask me for it.

Paul Penders Beauty Center
Jo's Fashion House
Zatu Apparel
Delicious Poison
Tanks for Five
Angel Glory
Room 8008
Lush Serendipity
The Survival Store
My Bag Organizer
Walk-in Closet
CMW Designer Collection
Emcee Couture
ugly duckling closet
tomato apparel

The full list


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