Irritating bus driver

9:00 AM

hahaha, don't know what you're expecting but I'm going to recount what happened Saturday, 19 Nov 2011.

WARNING ahead, this post having kinda lots of swear words.... Censored to a level of appropriateness for the kind at heart readers though... hahaha

That fateful day, I decide to go to UM for a study group. *here, I have to tell you guys & ladies who know me well, no need to comment much ok. I'm begging you to just read! hahaha

So yeah, I board the bus from in front of a Post Office. Not going to pinpoint the location exactly. >.<

There I am, holding up my fugly lil bus card.... The lil bus card is the monthly one... you do know which one I'm referring too? :P

And the fakkking bus driver suddenly ask for my receipt...

Watafak!!! Damn blurred, stupei me rummages thru all the bit n pieces in moi's bag. Soooo many compartments.. well, nope that many, because my bag is just like the standard school bag.

2nd watafak! I am not sure where that lil sh*tty of a receipt disappear to. >.< By this time, I am super angry at the bus driver but still putting on such a cute, angelic face. NOT A CHANCE, Lady.

"Fare is RM3"

Oh, thanks very much.

After paying, I got my seat, a bit fuming.

But hey ho!

A friend of PASUM is next to me. Des! hahahaha..... one of my gossip friends! Such memories flooding back. >.<

But the fumes are gone only for a few minutes because Des got down after a few bus stops.

Me? Continue fuming at the bus driver. >xD

Don't get why I'm angry? Because plainly, he just did the most ridiculous thing!

Well, what he did made the other passengers think badly of me.

Not being able to show that damn sh*t of a receipt, it looked like I was gonna hitch a free ride on the bus.


Like I would!!?

Damn sh*tty service. Next time, you ask your bosses, install those watafak card readers in all buses!

Have weekly and monthly cards but not all buses can read??! And then want to accuse us of getting free rides? Fakkk you!

If you can't trust passengers of cheating you, then yeah, take my advice, install those sh*t readers.


Lesson learnt: always have your receipt with you... or else your image *ahem... goes down the drain!

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