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7:16 PM

I think it has been a long time since I posted any food-related posts... teehee....


What's this Hot Plate Yee Mee I put in the title.

Basically it's Yee Mee in a hot plate.... Duhhh

Here's a pix for visualization purposes!


There's pieces of chicken. If you're lucky, you get more meat than bones....
The veges are leafy and branchy.... ok, I don't know my veges, sue me..haha =.=
There's at least two half-cut mushrooms... mm... well, let's say it's not the button mushrooms, don't know what you call them though.... but they're mushrooms!

Optional: Egg. At RM0.70. If you think it's worth it, okay. Even without, the food still tastes great.

Oh! What's Yee Mee without the MEE! XP 
(LAST ingredient, totally forgot, let it be the last okay~ lalalalala)

...........I don't know what sauce they used though. Tastes great and I'm shy to ask questions. hahaha

Taste verdict: Obviously, I've typed so much so obviously you know I think it tastes great. haha...

In the title: the fav in the family. Why? Because my sister, my dad and my mum like it too.. Super like, thumbs up. The sauce makes it tastes great, wonder what is it? Special sauce?? It's almost gooey-like. I can't say much on the taste, not really that sweet or sour. Okay, no sour taste. A bit spicy, not too over which is nice for me, who can't take the chili too much. =.=

Since it's served on a hot plate, it feels really superb especially in the cool cafeteria! 

Price: RM4.80 

Found at Tesco Shah Alam ground floor, stall Sizzling.

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  1. sob3.. aku ada kenangan di sana :'(
    manis dan pahit. :')

    lol. apa aku nk ckp is tesco tu sedih(trolling..)
    hidup segan mati xmahu. rumah kau dkt dgn tesco ka?

    lol apsal xbole anonymous? =.=


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