EM's Study group?

9:54 PM

Actually I have a product review to do and some assignments hanging on my neck... Did I say neck, yeah..... Crazy me... >.<

Gonna need to commit to finish the assignments though. Then up next is Study mode for Finals 1st Semester.
\(^O^)/ REALLY, I'm happy that the Finals are coming.


Who's up for a study group? Uh, my course mates, I mean. haha

I'm opening priority to those from College 11 and College 5 because I'm used to College 12's....errr.... cafeteria. Don't worry, I won't mix study with personal... hehe xD

Study group for Law, Economics, Property Maintenance, Valuation.... Errrr.... TITAS?

Plus everyone gets to be the lecturer! :P

Seriously, I lack in some points and you lack in some points. So let's help each other study.

ps: Actually, help me to study! I can't concentrate without switching to Manga/Anime mode. hahaha

Oh, I don't do study groups in room. I like the open air, with the noise!


So long and tell me if you are interested, course mates!!

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