Dec issue out & comic craze

11:10 PM

Magazine rage on the rise.. oh, and also comic rage. haha

Nah, I'm joking, what rage, only bought two magazines and one comic. female magazine and Personal Money magazine. Personally I love these two very different magazines. Yea, one's about fashion mostly, to quench my ever thirst hunger for fashion/make-up related knowledge. Then Personal Money is educational, lessons on money related or property related issues.

Got a L'OREAL shampoo 80ml from female's Dec issue! Hurry, get yours too. haha Disclaimer: I am not being paid or bribe or in any way connected to the magazine. Okay, I'm just one of the loyal readers. haha

Other than that shampoo, the others are booklets on promotional items by participating branches. Lots of gift ideas like perfumes, gift sets consisting of skincare/body care etc etc. Not interested because of the PRICE. >.< Seriously, wait until I start working. Eh, wait. Better use those money to buy a property and invest instead.

(What has my course done to ME!!!!!) haha... =.=

Personal Money is mostly about fund issues, portfolio issue.... really business minded. =.= I still have a difficult time reading so I skip some articles.. haha

Comic! Of course, the ones by GempakStarz are my best buys! Currently have six in my room, and with this new addition, makes up to SEVEN!

Though the shop had few choices. Some didn't get my attention. I'm picky to the point of graphic images on the cover. If it's not pretty or handsome or cute, I won't buy, no matter how the content turn out to be. So yeah, I might miss out on some really good comics. But I did bought one boring one, got fooled by the cute cover. Turned out to have a confusing plot! =.= NEVER gonna get bluff by covers again!

Resah Hati Tsubaki by YASUKO

Haven't read. -.- Interesting cover though.....

Forced myself to punish myself from reading because haven't finish editing the assignments.


So long!

ps: I'm so gonna read it now because at least I had finish editing at least two parts of the assignment. Two grueling parts. hahaha... just joking! >.<

Also, I'm putting this under Book Review! Comic and magazine are also books, in different formats and presentations. hahaha... Okay, getting cold. Tataaa!

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