Awareness & impressions xD

11:47 PM

Was on the usual bus route yesterday morning.

The transit TV in the bus was blank but there's audio (sound, voices) minus the image. Too bad though.

There was a very interesting voice, loud and clear from the audio system.

"Cikgu, kenapa saya duduk tepi budak AIDS ini?" Okay, something like that, I forgot either AIDS or HIV....

Translation in English: Teacher, why do I sit next to a boy (girl?) with AIDS?

I wonder what the other passengers were thinking. Not that I doubt much, hope they realize what that simple dialogue is about.

Creating awareness through simple direct approach is good. Not great but at least there's effort. Wonder how much impact a feel-sorry approach work? Realize that there are a lot of awareness campaigns using that feel-sorry approach? Granted, humans sway at that. But are they even still humans? haha

When I heard it, I actually smirk!

Yeah, the irony of it!

I noticed too that it used mostly simple graphics. =.= Seriously, how many people would pay attention to that? Put in a hunk or babe and you get more impact. haha

Remember the Tak Nak Merokok campaign? The one showing a guy lighting up his cigarette and trying to get a lady's attention? Come on! Yeah, the meaning's there. -______- BUT.... Consider using 'beautiful' people. Don't get me wrong.

After all, humans want things to be PERFECT.... want things to be BEAUTIFUL....

Who doesn't? Except Nature where we want it to be... yeah, NATURAL. haha

Get this, got a 'defected' area on your face, people won't look at you twice. Harsh? That's Life.

You can say all about Heart.

But when you 1st meet someone, you won't know how the Heart is YET. So don't go bluffing yourself.

Make a good 1st impression. Make-up if you want. Wear decent, appropriate clothes (I am in no way of advocating clothes showing more skin than is appropriate... I detest! >:D).

ps: Notice that from the Awareness campaign, I have swing off to another issue. That's me.... >.<

Haish, need to sleep. Nite! So long!

Wanna go Sungei Wang!!! Photos of the event there, hopefully upload on Sunday. haha :P

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