The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

6:07 PM

YEAH!!!!!!!! xDDD

Watched on 11 Nov 2011, perfect date (for me!) to watch an old time favourite. Courtesy to Mum for the influence. haha

Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, for me (again, ahem), IT WAS GREAT!!!

Love Snowy! (the dog, in case you haven't watched or never knew Tintin comic strips.)

Movie's available in 3D but I'm a cheapskate. hahaha

Bet it'll be great though to watch some of the action parts in 3D. Yes, there are action. Not the overly types. Some make me laugh. =.= 

Which was eerie because I was the only one laughing. 

The theater wasn't even FULL! T.T Where's the Tintin lovers? Or did they opt for the 3D? *Spare me a 3D ticket, pretty please. hahaha

All in all, let's get serious.

The length's nearly a 2hour, past the 1hour 30 minutes. Honestly I didn't realize that. :D Was laughing at funny parts by Tintin and his dog, Snowy. What's not to love in that dog! Clever and fast too. Could I have one EXACTLY like that? *Dream on. -.-

So, this is Tintin's adventure in the Secret of the Unicorn. The Unicorn is actually a sunken ship. And there's always, mostly sunken treasure in the process. When the ship's huge, you would expect lots of treasure right?

That's what a bunch of pirates thought too. 

It was great thrill to 'witness' the memory of the last generation of Haddock in retelling that fateful fight with the pirate!

Red Rackham!!!.... *Hope I got the name right... ahaha And also not forgetting his descendant! Mr Sakharine!

Oooooh! Spoiler! Well, not much. 

I just HONESTLY want you to watch it!!! :P

Here's some reasons to watch! SPOILER alert though. hehe

Watch Tintin escape from funny yet dangerous scenes with the cameras' seemingly moving here and there. You won't get dizzy I promise! Or his favourite phrase; Great snakes!

Watch Haddock act out the scene of his ancestor or his terrible addiction to alcohol. Or maybe his funny skirt-lifting action, if you have quick eyes to spot! Not his breath..... xD

Watch Snowy suddenly lifting its head under a cow's udder. Or Snowy in chasing that evil, flying hawk of Mr Sakharine! Or just like him for being cute and adorable!

Watch Thomson and Thompson, two seemingly blundering Interpol detectives in apprehending a pickpocket, who admits after an endless bickering between the two detectives. -Really, I got lost in listening to them, talking fast yet audible yet not really understanding what they're saying. @.@ But don't judge them because they seem clumsy. They're actually quite clever in using canes. *wink

Watch as how a high pitch voice breaks a glass case. =.= Great idea to break safety glasses......... which claimed to be bullet proof. haha Or just laugh silently at the sight of the wealthy man. (>.<)


Last but not least...well, about the ending...

Truly, I was not happy with it. Suddenly there's end to the actions. Back to the usual thinking of Tintin and his reveling of the mystery, in this case being the Unicorn's treasure. Don't know what I was expecting but not an abrupt end. Yeah, it ended somehow too fast.

Still, who's up for a second screening! I know I want a DVD later too!

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