OSK Investment Challenge #3

8:30 PM

4th October marks the day for the Official Challenge!

Read up on the company's prospectus, bla bla bla.... Like I would read all those business stuff.

Yeah, I buy on whims and guts. If I lose, so be it. XD

Then I sell whenever the fancy strikes me.

Damn, I'm such a careless, ignorant investor.


I do read and see the chart, which I just found out from the top tabs of the Game Trading.

My hands were itchy that time and I just happened to click on the tabs.


There's Tracker, Movement, Charts.... And there's a 'More' tab which shows a vertical list of all the other stocks in their respective sectors....

'They' say go for the Consumer stocks, so I bought some. Then some Services stock and testing my luck guts again, I bought some Technology stocks.

Guess I did too much buying because the Purchase Value went over the Market Value.... Hence I got more losses versus profit.

Heck, lose the sweat. I'm still a beginner after all.

I may lose some but I'm planning on coming in BIG!

Okay, bye!


Current profile as at 8.30pm

Game Portfolio Value- RM 99746.73

Cash Value - RM 73041.73

Stock Value - RM 26705.00

Rank- 6077

ps: Yeah, a number of students joined....... Whatever, I'll strike tomorrow!

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