Miracle Touch Creamy Blush from Max Factor

8:06 PM

Yes!! My 2nd product review from Yuberactive! Thanks so much!

Miracle Touch, Creamy Blush
from Max Factor

Below description as provided by Yuberactive:

Foundation might perfect your skin but a hint of cream blush is the secret weapon to a healthy glow. Now you can create the ultimate skin finish yourself with new Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. Designed to perfectly compliment the flawless results of Miracle Touch Foundation, this blend-easy blusher adds a radiant, dewy flush to all skin-types. Unlike powder blushers it also stays looking freshly applied throughout the day.

Product available for review: Soft Murano or Soft Cardinal

Available at Metrojaya, Parksons Departmental Stores, and Isetan (Lot 10). (RRP RM28)


I got Soft Cardinal!

Okay, I lose the spectacles because it made me look nerdy... hahahaha

hahahaha, okay, done with the last vain pictures.. for now~

The blush is really small. See how little it is in my palm. -.- My palm is already small. Roughly, it's the size of a 50 cent coin. The diameter would roughly be around 10cm..... So small, right?!

Really handy if you want to save space in your hand bag.

The colour is more striking compared to powder type blush. And yes, it's CREAMY, not powder....

(I read other reviews in Yuberactive, most said that they used their fingers...)

So yea... I used my fingers too...

But warning, remember to wash your hands and wipe dry before touching the blush. You do want to lengthen the blush's lifespan... >.<

Okay, vain pictures coming up...

I look like a clown -.- I mean, putting the little blush near my nose.

Okay, lose the blush and self smile for the camera.

I dabbed away some of the initial amount I put. I tend to put too much, which makes me a Pro if ever you want a Clown look, come find me. hahahaha

Basically, it's a great blush because it lasts long. I tried it out at night 1st just to gauge the right amount to apply. Then I used it in the morning. The colour stayed on till evening time, after my classes finished. 

So good points are: 

It's small and light, easy to put in my handbag, doesn't take up much space.
It's easy to apply, just use my fingers, extra careful it doesn't go under my fingernails.
It lasts long, from morning to evening. Don't know if it lasts till night though.

Not so good points:

It's relatively small to the price. Some might think it's too much for a little blush.
You need to try out the right amount of blush, which after the few tries, should be fine.
Need to be hygienic as you are using your fingers.

Will I buy it?

Honestly, a 50/50 because I don't really need it. Maybe once I'm working. For now, I'm still a student, under constant watch by University rules. >.<

Okay, bye!

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