Getting organized with 3 assignments

9:00 PM

1. BVEV2209 assignment: Value a 2 storey terrace house. How I wished that I'm taking this course in Bintulu. Hahaha.... Well, anyway, there's a progress report for this so have to hurry, hurry. After the site visit, I'll need to head to MBSA for the local plan of the site area. =.= Feels like a valuer already..... I can't believe I'm enjoying though! @.@ Wonder how does my other group members feel?

2. BVEV2210 assignment: Gonna do a building inspection on a flats' block. Thank goodness only ONE block. So the site visit is next Tuesday, if nothing else comes up. Which reminds me that I need to do a few photocopies of the Permission letter and to bring my camera along.

3. GXEX1414 project?: Actually I'm not sure is it a project or an assignment. Well, this one is in BM, not my forte. So I'm taking a back seat. >.< Not playing as team leader this one! Well, anyway, need to suggest the theme/title of the project... Nak buat Tamadun pasal apa eh? I don't know... @.@

Okay, bye!

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