30 Things in 30 Days- Day 5

8:08 PM

What makes me different from everyone else?

1st, my FULL name in IC is different from everyone else.... What I don't understand is whether people are blind or just lazy to double check my name~ Like wtfish! Target: Be really famous then I can snide people for spelling my name wrong. Now they don't even bother to apologize since I'm a Nobody. =.=

2nd, I'm my own person. Tell me if you found my twin, somewhere on this planet okay. *Pfft! Fat chance! Must be a Doppelganger.

3rd............ the above two reasons. Hahaha, just kidding. Yea, nothing much to add actually.

Just that I find myself to be............

friendly- when the situation permits it. But if everyone's noisy, why bother to be noisy as well? I take that approach, I clam up when others around me are noisy. I open up to those who are timid because they're the ones who need some noise in their life. And plus, they're the best friends' type. Sometimes noisy people won't listen much. In this life, I'd rather someone who listens, not some bla bla bla away. *I said sometimes and some people, not implying anyone in my life or surroundings!

kind- also depends on situation. If I'm in a badass mood, be warned. I'll snap and bite at just anyone. So just run away and leave me alone.

quiet- this is explained in the 1st. NEXT!

arrogant- am I? Sometimes I wonder how others see me as. Because I smile only when I want to. So yeah, some hurt soul may label me as arrogant for ignoring them. News flash: I don't have eyes at the back to help increase my attention on you. If you want attention, stand boldly in front of me and call out my name. But if you want to be the wallpaper in my life, go on. I won't mind.

selfish- Oh, I got this label once! Just because I won't share my colour pencils. =.= Like, they're my pencils, so my right whether to share or not. I'd rather not because I didn't trust the borrower much. I have a problem trusting people with my belongings. Only when I don't mind losing it then I don't mind lending it. The pencils, by the way, were my 1st full set of colours. So yeah, I treasured them. (Now they're lost.. T.T)

vain- Again, am I vain? I do look in the mirror and praise myself. Though there's another word for it. Which starts with a 'N'. What? We're created different, so why not be thankful and grateful? Not like I'm belittling others. I'm just praising my own self, seldom do I compare. But there are people who likes to bad-mouth others. They say, Oh, she's so pretty but it won't last long. Yeah, physical beauty doesn't last long so enjoy it now. I think those bad-mouthers are just plain jealous that they're ugly, in and out. =.=

I think I'd stop here before I get carried away, emotionally, like the above. I tend to do that.

Okay, bye!

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  1. Uso. You're friendly? Maybe a little bit, but no such thing as you CLAMMING UP cos whenever I'm noisy you're always try to be noisier.

    Kind? LOL!

    Quiet? Double LOL!

    Arrogant - Evil cipp is evil.

    Selfish - You are not selfish, not really THAT selfish laa..

    Vain - Very very very. XD


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