30 Things in 30 Days- Day 18

10:21 AM

5 things that irrate ME about the opposite/ same sex

  1. over the top vanity..... Too much blusher, imbalance foundation..... But if it's Halloween, forgiven... Either than that, just showing off.... DISLIKE
  2. Too talkative bullshit... talking as if knows everything.. I don't mind you stammering but if you're talking rubbish then it just adds to your lack of proficiency.....it's okay to talk, stammers and all...but make sure you know what you're saying.... not a lot of craps..
  3. too playful until don't know when to get serious.... yes, I'm a party pooper... that's me. but know when to get serious. or things will not get done...
  4. stupid back stabbers... the lowest a human could possibly get... you think you're super perfect? then go and be the prime minister and spread your ideology... see how many will support you, hipocrits....
  5. damn don't care attitude...  you think everyone likes you, adores you....when in reality, they dislike you so much..but you chose to ignore and not acknowledge it..your choice but how long will you last without addressing the problem...YOU?
Super 'sharp'...... -.-

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