30 Things in 30 Days- Day 11

9:28 PM

5 facts about me

1. Don't ever get my name wrong. My full name. Has been super sensitive about it since entering Secondary school. >.<

2. 2nd child in my family. But doesn't stop me from being spoilt a princess...

3. Only talkative when you're the listener. If you're the talker, I listen. >.< What's the point of us both talking....

4. Serious when I'm working/studying. Don't bother during those times, you'll just get ignored. If I'm smiling while doing the work/study, then 60% you can talk to me. :)

5. For me, 1st impression is important. Some people think showing their worst side is okay and healthy but for me, it just means I'll never talk to you again. So yeah, pretend that you're good in the beginning. I'll unravel your true attitude later on anyway. xD

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