30 Things in 30 Days Challenge- Day 3

8:41 PM

My idea of the perfect first date

>.< Can I ask for roses, like real ones, a bunch of 'em even, and throw in a band of violin players, playing a romantic piece, during candlelight dinner?

Hahaha, just kidding, like some guy could do all that and not end up broke! Have to be a Millionaire.....

Okay, let me type something that the AVERAGE guy could do for the almost-perfect first date. (But yeah, if by perfect, I'll still want the 1st version up there~)

1st thing, never arrive late for the date. If I'm late, shut up. If you're late, I have the right to be grumpy, unless you give me a very, very good reason.

2nd thing, tell me that you have planned ahead where the date would be. Don't ask me where I want to go. Even though it's nice of you to ask me before deciding. Still, I'd rather you had been ready with a date plan. Because, you're the one who asked for the date. Which means you know what I like and dislike. Plan for me without me opening my mouth is a plus point!

3rd thing, behave yourself. As much as you're nervous/excited that you're with me, I kinda dislike guys with sweaty forehead. And take care of me too. Hold the door open for me. Make sure that I'm always by your side, even though we're not holding hands. Just tilt your head to make sure I'm at your side. Not some feet away because I got left behind. Oh, don't walk too fast either. Walk to my pace. *Wink

4th thing, I want you to pay. Yes, seriously. Then let me pay for the next date. (If you get the 'Yes' from me.)

5th thing, know when I want it to end AKA I want to go home. Maybe the date was great but I felt uneasy. Who knows, I ate something that my stomach disagree. Just accept and send me home without questions. I'll be most thankful for it.

Another reason is that I really wanted to go home because I didn't enjoy the date. This will be shown through my mouth. If I'm pouting, I hate it. If I give a tired smile, I like but didn't enjoy much. Maybe something had happened that spoil  the almost-perfect date. Then your job is not to ask NOW but a bit later, like the next day. You ask me at that moment, I'll just say, "Nothing."

Want to know what the 5 things sum into?

1- Punctuality
2- Diligence
3- Manners
4- Consideration
5- Patience

Seriously, a guy MUST have the 5 things above to make the date almost-perfect.

Actually, a guy already has~ *Wink

He even made it the most perfect 1st date, by my strict standard.

Okay, bye!

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