30 Things in 30 Days Challenge

5:29 PM

Finished challenge!!!

Remember when I said I'll be doing challenges. This is the next one. The lists (of other challenges) can be found at your left side of this blog okay.

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge (Taken from here)

Day 1 — My favorite song
Day 2 — My favorite movie
Day 3 – My idea of the perfect first date
Day 4 – My favorite photograph of my best friend
Day 5 – What makes me different from everyone else?
Day 6 –  A song to match my mood
Day 7 –  A photo of an animal I’d love to keep as a pet
Day 8 –  A picture of my favourite memory
Day 9 –  My current relationship, if single discuss how single life is
Day 10 – A photo of the item I last purchased
Day 11 –  5 facts about me
Day 12 –  A photo of something that makes my happy
Day 13 – What kind of person attracts my?
Day 14 – Who are I?
Day 15 – A TV show I'm currently addicted to
Day 16 – Something I don’t leave the house without
Day 17 – How I hope my future will be like

Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex
Day 19 – A picture of something I want to do before I die
Day 20 – The meaning behind my blog name
Day 21 – A photo of my favorite place to eat
Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt me recently
Day 23 –  My dream wedding
Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to me
Day 25 – Short term goals for this month and why
Day 26 – A photo of somewhere I want to go
Day 27 – A picture of my favourite band or artist
Day 28 – In this past month, what have I learnt
Day 29 – Something I could never get tired of doing
Day 30 – A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

Dare to join?



10:36 PM

We walked

We fell

We got up

We walked.

How I wished Life was that easy to recover from.


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 30

10:09 PM

A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days


Let's just say this is me in the most NATURAL state, not makeup whatsoever, I look soooo bad~


Three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

I learnt that good things were not meant to last.....since when do they last in my life anyway?

Well, whatever.....three good things eh?

I managed to teach myself how to apply foundation, blusher, mascara, lipstick, & eyeliner.... it's good for me ok....hahahahaha

2nd good thing: I got a person that's willing to accompany me to wherever on Earth! hahahaha, ok, kidding.... but yeah, that's my new special friend....

3rd good thing: I'm not obliged to divulge my whereabouts every time anymore..... though that accounts for less SMS-ing time.... 


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 29

9:35 PM

Something I could never get tired of doing

What don't I get tired?

Well, READING is one!

=.= I got tired of writing and drawing though... I'm restless when I can't finish a story/ drawing so yeah, those stuff doesn't suit me anymore.


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 25

9:32 PM

Short term goals for this month and why

Finish assignment, do presentations, HAVE A LIFE!!


ps: I'm just me being 'crazy'.... -.-


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 22

9:45 PM

A letter to someone who has hurt me recently

1st of all, that person doesn't know that he has hurt me.

I don't show it openly, whats the point: he doesn't realize. -.-

To that person,

I'm not perfect. No excuse there. I won't say I'm trying to be perfect.

I'm just me, with imperfections.

I'm patient with you. I don't want you to start blaming yourself.

I care about you and showing it too.

You may not feel it because I act with a don't-care attitude.

Honestly, I wish you knew when I'm hurt.

For what's it worth, I love being with you.

And you being with me.

Yours truly,


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 21

9:13 PM

A photo of my favourite place to eat

Recent favourite is perhaps............

I always go for Sub-of-the-deal though.... >.<

And favourite bread is Honey Oat!!


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 20

9:07 PM

The meaning behind my blog name

=.= Well, quite straight forward right?

It's about my life and my Diary. Since I kinda suck when I write, I tend to write and write until the main story is lost. Seriously if it's written, not typed out like here, even I myself won't read it. Plus, my handwriting is sooooo.................

Okay, bye!

Oh, Anna is my nickname by family members.

Products review

Miracle Touch Creamy Blush from Max Factor

8:06 PM

Yes!! My 2nd product review from Yuberactive! Thanks so much!

Miracle Touch, Creamy Blush
from Max Factor

Below description as provided by Yuberactive:

Foundation might perfect your skin but a hint of cream blush is the secret weapon to a healthy glow. Now you can create the ultimate skin finish yourself with new Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. Designed to perfectly compliment the flawless results of Miracle Touch Foundation, this blend-easy blusher adds a radiant, dewy flush to all skin-types. Unlike powder blushers it also stays looking freshly applied throughout the day.

Product available for review: Soft Murano or Soft Cardinal

Available at Metrojaya, Parksons Departmental Stores, and Isetan (Lot 10). (RRP RM28)


I got Soft Cardinal!

Okay, I lose the spectacles because it made me look nerdy... hahahaha

hahahaha, okay, done with the last vain pictures.. for now~

The blush is really small. See how little it is in my palm. -.- My palm is already small. Roughly, it's the size of a 50 cent coin. The diameter would roughly be around 10cm..... So small, right?!

Really handy if you want to save space in your hand bag.

The colour is more striking compared to powder type blush. And yes, it's CREAMY, not powder....

(I read other reviews in Yuberactive, most said that they used their fingers...)

So yea... I used my fingers too...

But warning, remember to wash your hands and wipe dry before touching the blush. You do want to lengthen the blush's lifespan... >.<

Okay, vain pictures coming up...

I look like a clown -.- I mean, putting the little blush near my nose.

Okay, lose the blush and self smile for the camera.

I dabbed away some of the initial amount I put. I tend to put too much, which makes me a Pro if ever you want a Clown look, come find me. hahahaha

Basically, it's a great blush because it lasts long. I tried it out at night 1st just to gauge the right amount to apply. Then I used it in the morning. The colour stayed on till evening time, after my classes finished. 

So good points are: 

It's small and light, easy to put in my handbag, doesn't take up much space.
It's easy to apply, just use my fingers, extra careful it doesn't go under my fingernails.
It lasts long, from morning to evening. Don't know if it lasts till night though.

Not so good points:

It's relatively small to the price. Some might think it's too much for a little blush.
You need to try out the right amount of blush, which after the few tries, should be fine.
Need to be hygienic as you are using your fingers.

Will I buy it?

Honestly, a 50/50 because I don't really need it. Maybe once I'm working. For now, I'm still a student, under constant watch by University rules. >.<

Okay, bye!


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 18

10:21 AM

5 things that irrate ME about the opposite/ same sex

  1. over the top vanity..... Too much blusher, imbalance foundation..... But if it's Halloween, forgiven... Either than that, just showing off.... DISLIKE
  2. Too talkative bullshit... talking as if knows everything.. I don't mind you stammering but if you're talking rubbish then it just adds to your lack of's okay to talk, stammers and all...but make sure you know what you're saying.... not a lot of craps..
  3. too playful until don't know when to get serious.... yes, I'm a party pooper... that's me. but know when to get serious. or things will not get done...
  4. stupid back stabbers... the lowest a human could possibly get... you think you're super perfect? then go and be the prime minister and spread your ideology... see how many will support you, hipocrits....
  5. damn don't care attitude...  you think everyone likes you, adores you....when in reality, they dislike you so much..but you chose to ignore and not acknowledge it..your choice but how long will you last without addressing the problem...YOU?
Super 'sharp'...... -.-


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 16

6:54 PM

Something I don't leave the house without

Purse...... Okay, honestly something that never leaves my finger because I treasure it so much... hahahaha -.-


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 14

6:51 PM

Who am I

I'm Julianna Balasan. You spell wrong and I have the right to 'kill' you. I'm as ordinary as you, only I myself find myself as EXTRAordinary. I tend to judge on 1st impression so that's that. You can advice and critic but don't expect immediate changes. I know 2 languages only, sue me for not knowing Iban, Mandarin, Melanau, or any other languages. I'm at home with Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Anything else, fire away at my Formspring.


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 13

6:44 PM

What kind of person attracts me

A person who only talks when there's something important, not merely gossips. A person who's mind is able to care of others without putting themselves down. A person who knows the situation and acts appropriately. A person who judges two sides before acting.

Heck, I sound too idealistic! Whatever, I can still dream.

Though I have Teddy already so buzz off, any secret admirers, read my words, you're not wanted... *super meanie but kind mode~

Cik Muda

Celoteh Cik Muda ttg coursemate cun2

9:50 PM

Ini Cik Muda nak angin sikit. Bukan buang angin tapi nak naik kan angin coursemate2 Cik Muda. hahahaha

Rupa2 nya ada coursemate2 Cik Muda pembaca senyap. Silent reader begitu. Maklumla cun cun semua silent reader Cik Muda. Tetiba kata Cik Muda dlm kelas. Amboooooiiiiiiiiiii, terkejut Cik Muda.

Tapi kan terharu coursemate2 baca! Cik Muda bagi kissesssssss boleh? * gedikssss nak mampus ni kang! hahahaha

Takpe, gerenti mereka tgh gelak guling2 baca pun......

Mereka paling suka yg segmen Cik Muda ini. BI rigid, ikut ayat2 mantap, BM berterabur! Nahas kalau cikgu BM tgk! Ampunkan Cik Muda! :D

Tapi Cik Muda tak ingat siapa dah cikgu BM..... Jahat juga Cik Muda ini kannnnnnn

Hari ini seronok sebab buat buddy sistem! Tapi Cik Muda dah ada buddy! Comel2 lagi itu~ hahahaha Korang lain jgn heboh, kesian buddy Cik Muda, kena buli korang. Cik Muda pula tahan blushing tahu! hahahaha


Sudah, tak nak celotah byk, nanti mengarut benda lain!

Jom kita buat 2000words esei! opps! test laa. Buat 1500words, yg selebihnya kita mengarut benda lain laa.

Ok, bye!


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 11

9:28 PM

5 facts about me

1. Don't ever get my name wrong. My full name. Has been super sensitive about it since entering Secondary school. >.<

2. 2nd child in my family. But doesn't stop me from being spoilt a princess...

3. Only talkative when you're the listener. If you're the talker, I listen. >.< What's the point of us both talking....

4. Serious when I'm working/studying. Don't bother during those times, you'll just get ignored. If I'm smiling while doing the work/study, then 60% you can talk to me. :)

5. For me, 1st impression is important. Some people think showing their worst side is okay and healthy but for me, it just means I'll never talk to you again. So yeah, pretend that you're good in the beginning. I'll unravel your true attitude later on anyway. xD


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 8

9:48 PM

Saturday's post actually....

A picture of my favourite memory

Loves it because my first time trip with friends.... to Genting Theme Park. :3

-.- but we're all separated already... each on another part of Malaysia. Ok, except one in UM with me but seldom meet up. Haish, miss PASUM days. >.<

Special Activities

OSK Investment Challenge #6

11:17 PM

Current record as at 11.19pm:

Game portfolio value- RM 100227.60

Cash value- RM 82056.60

Stock value- RM 18171.00

Championship ranking- 3107

A slight rise in ranking... :')

Special Activities

OSK Investment Challenge #5

10:05 PM

Was selling a lot as opposed to buying. I wanted to earn back the initial capital from buying. :)

Current records as at 10.02pm:

Game portfolio value- RM 100258.41

Cash value- RM 80597.41

Stock value- RM 19661.00

Championship rank- 3292

Increase in game portfolio value, but fall in rank. Oh well, there's till tomorrow~

Special Activities

OSK Investment Challenge #4

8:22 PM

2nd day of the challenge.

I thought that I won't be able to go online for it  but because it was raining outside......... I cooped up in the computer's lab!


Today's market was better on me.... I managed to get a gross profit of RM 164.00 as at 8.17pm.

So today's records are:

Game portfolio value- RM 100043.81

Cash value- RM 75845.81

Stock value- RM 24198.00

Championship rank- 2409

-.- Quite good for 2nd day.

Okay, bye!


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 5

8:08 PM

What makes me different from everyone else?

1st, my FULL name in IC is different from everyone else.... What I don't understand is whether people are blind or just lazy to double check my name~ Like wtfish! Target: Be really famous then I can snide people for spelling my name wrong. Now they don't even bother to apologize since I'm a Nobody. =.=

2nd, I'm my own person. Tell me if you found my twin, somewhere on this planet okay. *Pfft! Fat chance! Must be a Doppelganger.

3rd............ the above two reasons. Hahaha, just kidding. Yea, nothing much to add actually.

Just that I find myself to be............

friendly- when the situation permits it. But if everyone's noisy, why bother to be noisy as well? I take that approach, I clam up when others around me are noisy. I open up to those who are timid because they're the ones who need some noise in their life. And plus, they're the best friends' type. Sometimes noisy people won't listen much. In this life, I'd rather someone who listens, not some bla bla bla away. *I said sometimes and some people, not implying anyone in my life or surroundings!

kind- also depends on situation. If I'm in a badass mood, be warned. I'll snap and bite at just anyone. So just run away and leave me alone.

quiet- this is explained in the 1st. NEXT!

arrogant- am I? Sometimes I wonder how others see me as. Because I smile only when I want to. So yeah, some hurt soul may label me as arrogant for ignoring them. News flash: I don't have eyes at the back to help increase my attention on you. If you want attention, stand boldly in front of me and call out my name. But if you want to be the wallpaper in my life, go on. I won't mind.

selfish- Oh, I got this label once! Just because I won't share my colour pencils. =.= Like, they're my pencils, so my right whether to share or not. I'd rather not because I didn't trust the borrower much. I have a problem trusting people with my belongings. Only when I don't mind losing it then I don't mind lending it. The pencils, by the way, were my 1st full set of colours. So yeah, I treasured them. (Now they're lost.. T.T)

vain- Again, am I vain? I do look in the mirror and praise myself. Though there's another word for it. Which starts with a 'N'. What? We're created different, so why not be thankful and grateful? Not like I'm belittling others. I'm just praising my own self, seldom do I compare. But there are people who likes to bad-mouth others. They say, Oh, she's so pretty but it won't last long. Yeah, physical beauty doesn't last long so enjoy it now. I think those bad-mouthers are just plain jealous that they're ugly, in and out. =.=

I think I'd stop here before I get carried away, emotionally, like the above. I tend to do that.

Okay, bye!

Cik Muda

Perasaan kacaubilau

9:15 PM

Entah lah, Cik Muda fikir banyak sgt agak nya. Dengan eseimen dtg tak ada halangan mcm tembok batu...

Haishhh! Cik Muda resah saja, tak tahap serius tapi masih......... RESAH!

........Cik Muda tak suka fikir banyak2 dlm otak. Biarlah ditulis di sini dan hanya Cik Muda penyimpan rahsia ini.

Keyword: pipiorgcomel

ps: Korg tak kan tahu password sbenar. Itu hanyalah clue khas untuk Cik Muda baca balik...jgn marah ok. Sebab pasal Cik Muda saja, tak payah risau, tak ada pasal korg pun~

University life

Getting organized with 3 assignments

9:00 PM

1. BVEV2209 assignment: Value a 2 storey terrace house. How I wished that I'm taking this course in Bintulu. Hahaha.... Well, anyway, there's a progress report for this so have to hurry, hurry. After the site visit, I'll need to head to MBSA for the local plan of the site area. =.= Feels like a valuer already..... I can't believe I'm enjoying though! @.@ Wonder how does my other group members feel?

2. BVEV2210 assignment: Gonna do a building inspection on a flats' block. Thank goodness only ONE block. So the site visit is next Tuesday, if nothing else comes up. Which reminds me that I need to do a few photocopies of the Permission letter and to bring my camera along.

3. GXEX1414 project?: Actually I'm not sure is it a project or an assignment. Well, this one is in BM, not my forte. So I'm taking a back seat. >.< Not playing as team leader this one! Well, anyway, need to suggest the theme/title of the project... Nak buat Tamadun pasal apa eh? I don't know... @.@

Okay, bye!

Special Activities

OSK Investment Challenge #3

8:30 PM

4th October marks the day for the Official Challenge!

Read up on the company's prospectus, bla bla bla.... Like I would read all those business stuff.

Yeah, I buy on whims and guts. If I lose, so be it. XD

Then I sell whenever the fancy strikes me.

Damn, I'm such a careless, ignorant investor.


I do read and see the chart, which I just found out from the top tabs of the Game Trading.

My hands were itchy that time and I just happened to click on the tabs.


There's Tracker, Movement, Charts.... And there's a 'More' tab which shows a vertical list of all the other stocks in their respective sectors....

'They' say go for the Consumer stocks, so I bought some. Then some Services stock and testing my luck guts again, I bought some Technology stocks.

Guess I did too much buying because the Purchase Value went over the Market Value.... Hence I got more losses versus profit.

Heck, lose the sweat. I'm still a beginner after all.

I may lose some but I'm planning on coming in BIG!

Okay, bye!


Current profile as at 8.30pm

Game Portfolio Value- RM 99746.73

Cash Value - RM 73041.73

Stock Value - RM 26705.00

Rank- 6077

ps: Yeah, a number of students joined....... Whatever, I'll strike tomorrow!


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 4

8:00 PM

My favourite photograph of my best friend

Actually wanted to put either my sis's or Teddy's pix...... but yea, I'll settle with my littlest bro!

ps: You can't see how tall he is, so quick question here. How old do you think he is? xD


30 Things in 30 Days Challenge- Day 3

8:41 PM

My idea of the perfect first date

>.< Can I ask for roses, like real ones, a bunch of 'em even, and throw in a band of violin players, playing a romantic piece, during candlelight dinner?

Hahaha, just kidding, like some guy could do all that and not end up broke! Have to be a Millionaire.....

Okay, let me type something that the AVERAGE guy could do for the almost-perfect first date. (But yeah, if by perfect, I'll still want the 1st version up there~)

1st thing, never arrive late for the date. If I'm late, shut up. If you're late, I have the right to be grumpy, unless you give me a very, very good reason.

2nd thing, tell me that you have planned ahead where the date would be. Don't ask me where I want to go. Even though it's nice of you to ask me before deciding. Still, I'd rather you had been ready with a date plan. Because, you're the one who asked for the date. Which means you know what I like and dislike. Plan for me without me opening my mouth is a plus point!

3rd thing, behave yourself. As much as you're nervous/excited that you're with me, I kinda dislike guys with sweaty forehead. And take care of me too. Hold the door open for me. Make sure that I'm always by your side, even though we're not holding hands. Just tilt your head to make sure I'm at your side. Not some feet away because I got left behind. Oh, don't walk too fast either. Walk to my pace. *Wink

4th thing, I want you to pay. Yes, seriously. Then let me pay for the next date. (If you get the 'Yes' from me.)

5th thing, know when I want it to end AKA I want to go home. Maybe the date was great but I felt uneasy. Who knows, I ate something that my stomach disagree. Just accept and send me home without questions. I'll be most thankful for it.

Another reason is that I really wanted to go home because I didn't enjoy the date. This will be shown through my mouth. If I'm pouting, I hate it. If I give a tired smile, I like but didn't enjoy much. Maybe something had happened that spoil  the almost-perfect date. Then your job is not to ask NOW but a bit later, like the next day. You ask me at that moment, I'll just say, "Nothing."

Want to know what the 5 things sum into?

1- Punctuality
2- Diligence
3- Manners
4- Consideration
5- Patience

Seriously, a guy MUST have the 5 things above to make the date almost-perfect.

Actually, a guy already has~ *Wink

He even made it the most perfect 1st date, by my strict standard.

Okay, bye!


30 Things in 30 Days Challenge- Day 2

8:13 PM

My favourite movie

Unashamedly, I'm picking a cartoon movie!

Disney's Mulan

Okay, I love the soundtracks especially... They're so nice to hear.

Gosh, could even sing without the tune! Loves!

Okay, bye!

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge- Day 1

5:38 PM

My favourite song

Taken from here.

From the anime 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'.

One of my friend says it's like Rock music. =.=

Personally, I like the tune~ Really enjoy hearing it when I'm feeling down and need a pick-me-up song.


Kawaita kokoro de kakenukeru
Gomen ne nani mo dekinakute
Itami wo wakachiau koto sae
Anata wa yurushite kurenai

ÿI run past others with a parched heart.
Sorry, I can't do anything.
You won't even let me
Share our pain together.

Muku ni ikiru tame ni furimukazu
Senaka mukete satteshimau
On the lonely rail

To live on without tarnish,
I face your back and head out without looking back
On the lonely rail

Watashi tsuiteiku yo
Donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae
Kitto anata wa kagayaite
Koeru mirai no hate
Yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasarenu you ni
My way kasanaru yo
Ima futari ni God bless...

I will follow you.
No matter how agonizing the world is,
You will shine even in it's darkest corners.
Cross over the end of the future,
My weakness will not shatter my spirit.
My way is overlapping with yours.
For the two of us, God bless...

Todokete atsuku naru omoi wa
Genjitsu tokashite samayou
Aitai kimochi ni riyuu wa nai
Anata e afuredasu Lovin' you

This warming affection that reaches me,
It melts my reality and roams my heart.
I don't need a reason for wanting to meet you,
Just my overflowing feelings, Lovin' you

Semete utsukushii yume dake wo
Egakinagara oikakeyou
For your lonely heart
[ Lyrics from: ]
For now, let's paint a beautiful dream
And chase after
For your lonely heart

Yamete uso wa anata rashikunai yo
Me wo mite kore kara no koto wo hanasou
Watashi kakugo shiteru
Kurai mirai datte
Tsuyoku natte unmei kaerareru kamo ne
My wish kanaetai noni
Subete wa God knows...

Stop it, it's not like you to lie.
Look at my eyes and let's talk about our future.
I am prepared,
Even if the future is bleak,
I might be able to change destiny if I become stronger.
But for my wish to come true,
Everything is God knows...

Anata ga ite watashi ga ite
Hoka no hito wa kieteshimatta
Awai yume no utsukushisa wo egakinagara
Kizuato nazoru

You are here, I am here.
Everyone else has disappeared.
While we paint the beauty of this fleeting dream,
We trace out the lines of our scars.

Dakara watashi tsuiteiku yo
Donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae
Kitto anata wa kagayaite
Koeru mirai no hate
Yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasarenu you ni
My way kasanaru yo
Ima futari ni God bless...

That's why I will follow you.
No matter how agonizing the world is,
You will shine even in it's darkest corners.
Cross over the end of the future,
My weakness will not shatter my spirit.
My way is overlapping with yours.
For the two of us, God bless...


Special Activities

OSK Investment Challenge #2

5:24 PM

Current ranking: 1930 (as at 5.21pm)

Official tournament starts at 4th October 2011.

So far those joining from my course is Wafi and Naqib.

Really, I'm treating it like a game, Why be so serious? Unless you use your REAL money. Okay, the prizes are great... =.=

Hope I get to online more to handle the Buy and Sell. Time is always a constraint as students have lectures and tutorial. Unless you lend me your iPad~

Okay, bye.

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