Sun Kissed! by Sally Hansen

10:11 PM

Dreading.... Anticipation...... Excitement..... Face 'fell'..... OMG!

I was hoping for Blue Me Away! or Fuschia Power. =.=

Overcame the initial shock, I thought, 'Why not? When was the last time I wore Orange?' *Sometime in Primary years~

Pictures galore! I took quite a lot... * Vanity rules! >:D

Okay, not that many pictures!

Let us begin 'torturing' my nails!

Testing, testing, testing...

My nails were not too long or short. Especially hate trimming them too short.

Which my Dad liked to do for his children. :D Now I trim according to my own preferences!

Sun Kissed (hiding): Is it over???!


Looks like we're fated, eh?

Right! Back to business!

Review: My 1st Sally Hansen product. Heard about it but never actually ventured out to get it. I'm the amateur in nail polish. I would have preferred Blue or Pinkish. However, this Sun Kissed is superb for my skin colour. The contrast it makes, had me laughing in glee. Plus, I'm going to be turning heads with this nail polish! The not so great thing, this polish is prone to air bubbles. And it dries fast so I had a hard time trying to apply light strokes while not forgetting some small areas. In the end, some had a thicker layer than their neighbours. There were also ugly marks. I'm not nimble enough! wth :( That's when I found out it came off quite easily. A few swipes with nail polish remover and tadaa~ ready to start over! Loves!! I read the other reviews about Sally Hansen on Yuberactive. Wonder who got Fuschia Power and Blue Me Away!?? Want to swap with me? LOL Just kidding! >:D

Thanks, YUBERACTIVE for giving me the chance to review this awesome product!!

My last picture had me blushing! It was after I got Sun Kissed! 

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