Starbucks @ Kuching Airport

11:06 PM

Taken on 26 August 2011.

Chocolate Roll & Green Tea Latte

The chocolate roll was delicious!

They heated it up before serving so the chocolate inside was melting hot! wth Loves!

The dough used is also yummy. Somehow reminds me of some karipaps, it breaks crunch-ly in my mouth.

=.= I was with my Mum and bro (17). Mum ordered three chocolate rolls too.

So we were kinda forced to finish all up!


I don't mind, it's not always that you get to spoil yourself with lots of chocolates. Duh!

My drink was Green Tea Latte.

Creamy and a bit sweet. Green tea tends to be bitter.

Not this one!

It's really great, for real okay. wth

Plus, was having a soar throat. =.='

I would have chosen a chocolate drink/ mocha but...... I prioritize my health at that time.

Anyway, price was between RM15-20. *Forgot actual price for both chocolate roll and my drink The amount is estimated for the two items only.

Okay, bye!

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