OSK Investment Challenge #1

11:02 AM

Yeah, I joined. Courtesy to Wafi! >:D Saya prmosikan nama kamu, Wafi!! Belanja Subway nanti, ok~

My profile: RikaJue91

So far I'm getting the hang of it. Need to observe the High and Low then Buy/ Sell. And the quantity.

Ranking is always 2990-2950... Mm... Not bad lah, but I wanna get to 1000 only. >:D Gila semangat!

Though not good because I can't online always. T.T

Because it opens from 9am to 5pm.

Still, I'll do my besy as an Estate Management student! Wafi, Naqib!! Apa lagi, jom 'main'!!!

Ok, now I want to observe the trend! Bye!

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  1. LOL THANKS JUE T^T sob2. terharu. haha. kau dpt gross profit 1k++ rank kau trus naik 200+. balik2 td aku tgk rank aku dr 3868 trus 211 -_-". haha nant aku belanja subway. btw best of luck to all of us. kirim salam sama adik "MAIL" xD
    thanks! chiowww..


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