No class rep for me in 2011

10:03 PM

Do you understand the title? I mean, I am not going to be the class rep for my course this year 2011.

Nearly got assigned the task, however. =.='

Joyce said most of them suggested my name. wth

Thanks, guys & ladies.


Seriously, I'm living outside. Yeah, lame excuse but I really can't commit to being the class rep. Truly sorry.

I'm happy that Naqib is class rep. He'll do a great job!

Another reason I can't commit is that I have another responsibility coming soon.

So yeah, I'd loved to be class rep. However at the moment, it would be burdensome and I cannot give my full commitment. You will most probably lose confidence in me anytime soon if that happens.

Cheers to the new class rep! & I'm the assistant.

ps: Sorry first if I can't help out much. Will try my best to help out but I still need co-operation from you all too.

Okay, bye!

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