My Obsession: My name's unique

1:46 PM

I just have to do a topic on this! When even professionals get my name wrong, it means something is definitely wrong in their eyes.

The full name's Julianna. Yeah, double N. I'm eternally grateful that my name is unique, given by both my parents.

What I don't understand is the need or ignorance of some to shorten my name. Don't give me that lame EXCUSE of 'Sorry, I didn't notice/forgot.'

I know Juliana is more common out there. Which is why JULIANNA is unique.

But yeah, sometimes being unique makes your name less striking. I should have asked for Alexandria or Elizabeth or Anie or Janet. Easier for you to spell. No need for doubles, right?


Thank goodness they got my MyKad right or I'll create hell. Nope, wrong. They are the ones who will create hell for me. Most of the time, SCHOOL authorities got my name wrong.

I thought school's clerks are an literate bunch. Even if I'm active in school and have lots of certificates to proof, as usual they got my name wrong on the print! Yeah, there's my IC in some but is Juliana really related to Julianna?

In the end, I have lots of TRASH certificates. :(

Now I'm in university. I will not allow my unique name to be dishonoured anymore.

I stand up for this unique name which my parents have given.

ps: Though sometimes, I do let them get away with the double error. Who knows, they have twins in the family!

Ok, bye!

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