FBE Treasure Hunt #1

4:22 PM

Hi, readers! Long time since last post. Was having writer's block. =.=

Okay, let me tell a brief about the title post!

FBE= Faculty of Built Environment. Of University of Malaya.

Treasure Hunt is the faculty's activity to involve all departments in familiarizing them with the spaces in the faculty. It is the 1st time having this type of activity. Batch 2011/2012.

Before, last year's orientation (my batch,2010/2011) was a briefing of the course (Estate Management). All departments had briefing, if I'm not mistaken. It was okay, in helping us to know our course.


I can say that this TREASURE HUNT is great, in helping the new undergraduates and also as an enjoyment for all. Yes, even us, facilitators, lecturers and staff enjoyed helping/watching. ;)

ps: I'm so happy+excited+glad+PENAT (tired) that I helped! Hahahaha!

And hope the undergraduates weren't too tired! Most were running to their checkpoints~ What energy!

Pictures credit to Farhana Mohammed Isa. :)

Teaser pix!

Don't worry. There was no accidents. *hopefully~

Looks easy, right?

The rolled up CLUES!

Looks organized... & in perfect condition. FOR NOW.

Remember you used to make these? ;)

Side trip for a cool drink!

Seriously, I was reminded of tour guides! xD

Neat boxes for the facilitators!

Remember the1st two pix? Well... here's what they really are.
ps: The participants' faces were classic! For more pix, find the link before end of this post!

Nice teamwork in finishing the puzzles!

Cute lil blue flag. >.<

Uh-oh! Counting the winning teams.

Results will be known this Thursday. Hope the participants enjoyed it tremendously!

Pix link

More updates about this activity will be posted! Thanks for reading.

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