Bus trip SA-UM #4

6:46 PM

1st, annoyed when about to drop at my designated point. wth

Again, with same scenario and same type of person! What's with you ladies! It's like as if the bus does not pass by that place! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, on the way back..... Mmmmm..... okay, nothing worth mentioning.

Except that the bus had a faulty air conditioning system. Maybe because of the rain but it was like raining in the bus. If it were drops, okay. This was a sudden gush of water falling down at times. The lady beside me was already worried, kept checking her seat.

Additional tidbits: Sudden information yesterday in email, about the UiTM visit for the Journalist on Campus program. Had to be this evening of all days. Unfortunately, I can't come. Duh~ Lady problem.... haish! Then tomorrow got briefing about the program at 5pm. Hope in time for it. Class may say in schedule finish 4pm. When in reality, it might finish early of late. =.=

Yeah, Malaysian time right.

Okay, next post grimes.


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