Bus trip SA-UM #3

9:30 PM

Today's trip was FUN. =.=' wth

Going to UM
Nothing. Smooth ride. Oh, except nearly the end of the uneventful ride. wth Two girls rang the bell sooooo early. Me, about to press the bell, watched in disbelief as they got out of the bus, about 500m from my drop point. Making a I-don't-care face, I pressed the bell and got off where I should. Unfortunately, the drop point was not empty. Sorry, guys, I'm not labeling all of you males but you get the point. 4 guys waiting at that drop point. Me, walking by as hurriedly as I could in calm, hopefully confident steps. =.= Other than those, I'll tell later in my next post after this. *Before I get too drowsy!

Going to SA
Horrible but FUN! Was with Dila, course mate in a RapidKL bus. Both wanted to go to the LRT station. Idiot me thought the bus will turn at the traffic light! wth I thought it was the Mid Valley bus! So yeah, we had to wait for the bus to do its round till LRT again. So sorry, Dila! I totally forgot. Not to mention my so over confidence that the bus will turn at the traffic light.... Still, we got to see some sights we wouldn't normally see. Thank goodness we got back to that LRT safely! Anna! 4 months and you forgot THAT! LOL Sorry but 4 months are a lot~

Second part for SA
Got on the bus from LRT. Full but not wth full. Still, I managed to hold on behind the driver's area. =.= The bus was getting more crowded! It had to stop and people kept boarding because they wanted to go fast, no matter how cramped/uncomfortable the bus was. Once I got out at SA, I had to stretched my legs, especially my right leg. So cramped! wth

Okay, done. Enough has been typed! Bye~

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