Bus trip SA-UM #2

11:03 AM

As promised, the child for this edition of the bus trip.

Actually there's two bus trips this week but I'll summarize them into one. Not much anyway of what happened.

Monday, 5th Sept-
Going to UM
Was nervous in the bus. In case I miss the drop off, I kept looking in front. And there was one lady, who kept looking at me. Okay, jeez, my clothes were fine, not tank top, mini skirt etc. It's a long sleeve shirt with long jeans. =.= Some people just have to look at others (more like staring at me, what, think I'm a free-hair Muslim, is it?). So anyway, got off safely near UM.

Going back to SA
Classic! Was at the LRT station, waiting and watched the traffic jam (4.30-5.30pm). What irritated me was the mad rush of some to join the queue. I guess, being IN the queue is a lot better than being before the queue. *pun intended
Got on the bus and of all horrors, FULL. Yeah, so standing up. Thank goodness had the mind to wear long sleeves. No free armpits show, okay. Then I spotted something really, really interesting!

A pregnant lady was also standing up! OMG Don't you guys have any sense? She's pregnant and none of those people comfortably sitting their butts minded. I felt sad and enraged at the same time. Yeah, great Malaysian culture we have. I don't know where she boarded the bus but she got off at SA too. Most unfortunate, since she couldn't get a seat, she settled on the floor instead. Shame on those others! Imagine if she was your Mom, your Grandmother or your Wife!

Tuesday, 6th Sept-
Going to UM
One thing only, when the bus wanted to stop near UM, there were TWO worker's buses there. No wonder the bus stopped so suddenly. I should just sit down until the bus stop! *My palms were smarting a bit from grabbing the poles just in the nick of time.

Going to SA
Quite late arriving at the LRT station but just nice because the vehicles weren't crawling like snails. Plus, I got a seat at the back. =.= I was between a Muslim Malay lady and a guy that I dare not make eye contact because I got the message (his MP3 or whatever was loud, even using earphones~). The lady was snoozing in the chair. I nearly slept too but was worried I might miss SA since the traffic was quite smooth.

Anything interesting on your bus trips? Tell me about them!

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