Special Activities

OSK Investment Challenge #1

11:02 AM

Yeah, I joined. Courtesy to Wafi! >:D Saya prmosikan nama kamu, Wafi!! Belanja Subway nanti, ok~

My profile: RikaJue91

So far I'm getting the hang of it. Need to observe the High and Low then Buy/ Sell. And the quantity.

Ranking is always 2990-2950... Mm... Not bad lah, but I wanna get to 1000 only. >:D Gila semangat!

Though not good because I can't online always. T.T

Because it opens from 9am to 5pm.

Still, I'll do my besy as an Estate Management student! Wafi, Naqib!! Apa lagi, jom 'main'!!!

Ok, now I want to observe the trend! Bye!

Products review

Sun Kissed! by Sally Hansen

10:11 PM

Dreading.... Anticipation...... Excitement..... Face 'fell'..... OMG!

I was hoping for Blue Me Away! or Fuschia Power. =.=

Overcame the initial shock, I thought, 'Why not? When was the last time I wore Orange?' *Sometime in Primary years~

Pictures galore! I took quite a lot... * Vanity rules! >:D

Okay, not that many pictures!

Let us begin 'torturing' my nails!

Testing, testing, testing...

My nails were not too long or short. Especially hate trimming them too short.

Which my Dad liked to do for his children. :D Now I trim according to my own preferences!

Sun Kissed (hiding): Is it over???!


Looks like we're fated, eh?

Right! Back to business!

Review: My 1st Sally Hansen product. Heard about it but never actually ventured out to get it. I'm the amateur in nail polish. I would have preferred Blue or Pinkish. However, this Sun Kissed is superb for my skin colour. The contrast it makes, had me laughing in glee. Plus, I'm going to be turning heads with this nail polish! The not so great thing, this polish is prone to air bubbles. And it dries fast so I had a hard time trying to apply light strokes while not forgetting some small areas. In the end, some had a thicker layer than their neighbours. There were also ugly marks. I'm not nimble enough! wth :( That's when I found out it came off quite easily. A few swipes with nail polish remover and tadaa~ ready to start over! Loves!! I read the other reviews about Sally Hansen on Yuberactive. Wonder who got Fuschia Power and Blue Me Away!?? Want to swap with me? LOL Just kidding! >:D

Thanks, YUBERACTIVE for giving me the chance to review this awesome product!!

My last picture had me blushing! It was after I got Sun Kissed! 

What's this about? Click here!

University life

No class rep for me in 2011

10:03 PM

Do you understand the title? I mean, I am not going to be the class rep for my course this year 2011.

Nearly got assigned the task, however. =.='

Joyce said most of them suggested my name. wth

Thanks, guys & ladies.


Seriously, I'm living outside. Yeah, lame excuse but I really can't commit to being the class rep. Truly sorry.

I'm happy that Naqib is class rep. He'll do a great job!

Another reason I can't commit is that I have another responsibility coming soon.

So yeah, I'd loved to be class rep. However at the moment, it would be burdensome and I cannot give my full commitment. You will most probably lose confidence in me anytime soon if that happens.

Cheers to the new class rep! & I'm the assistant.

ps: Sorry first if I can't help out much. Will try my best to help out but I still need co-operation from you all too.

Okay, bye!

University life

The daily walk to faculty

9:10 PM

As I step forward

My lips moved to a tune

Familiar yet why so distant

Racked my brain

Nothing comes to mind

Thus a composer I became

And as I walk

I sang a song

No one knows but I


Interrupted by stupid horns and whistles

Which never fails to make me wonder

Just how uncivilized they are


I continue up the slope

Catching my breath as I walked nearer to my destination

With thoughts of a cool room up the hill

And maybe an ice drink to boot

Yet I trudged along

For it never does to be late

Better an hour early than a 15 minutes late!

My own little creation~

Bus Trip

Bus trip SA-UM #4

6:46 PM

1st, annoyed when about to drop at my designated point. wth

Again, with same scenario and same type of person! What's with you ladies! It's like as if the bus does not pass by that place! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, on the way back..... Mmmmm..... okay, nothing worth mentioning.

Except that the bus had a faulty air conditioning system. Maybe because of the rain but it was like raining in the bus. If it were drops, okay. This was a sudden gush of water falling down at times. The lady beside me was already worried, kept checking her seat.

Additional tidbits: Sudden information yesterday in email, about the UiTM visit for the Journalist on Campus program. Had to be this evening of all days. Unfortunately, I can't come. Duh~ Lady problem.... haish! Then tomorrow got briefing about the program at 5pm. Hope in time for it. Class may say in schedule finish 4pm. When in reality, it might finish early of late. =.=

Yeah, Malaysian time right.

Okay, next post grimes.



What an arrogance!

10:28 PM

This post has unfiltered content. xD


I wanted to mean it has bad intentions. Well, wth it's about a someone. And only a FEW selected individuals may read it. The said individuals must SWEAR the utmost secrecy not to mention the contents to any other living or non-living. xD

Lo and behold, only those who hold the forbidden KEY may enter. Please mind your steps. You might never see the Sun again if you misread!

=.= wth Carried away with some Fantasy novels. Don't worry, nothing so potentially harming will attack you. The contents are just words. Enter with the A key. ;)

Hope you were able to understand my slang~

Okay, bye!

Bus Trip

Bus trip SA-UM #3

9:30 PM

Today's trip was FUN. =.=' wth

Going to UM
Nothing. Smooth ride. Oh, except nearly the end of the uneventful ride. wth Two girls rang the bell sooooo early. Me, about to press the bell, watched in disbelief as they got out of the bus, about 500m from my drop point. Making a I-don't-care face, I pressed the bell and got off where I should. Unfortunately, the drop point was not empty. Sorry, guys, I'm not labeling all of you males but you get the point. 4 guys waiting at that drop point. Me, walking by as hurriedly as I could in calm, hopefully confident steps. =.= Other than those, I'll tell later in my next post after this. *Before I get too drowsy!

Going to SA
Horrible but FUN! Was with Dila, course mate in a RapidKL bus. Both wanted to go to the LRT station. Idiot me thought the bus will turn at the traffic light! wth I thought it was the Mid Valley bus! So yeah, we had to wait for the bus to do its round till LRT again. So sorry, Dila! I totally forgot. Not to mention my so over confidence that the bus will turn at the traffic light.... Still, we got to see some sights we wouldn't normally see. Thank goodness we got back to that LRT safely! Anna! 4 months and you forgot THAT! LOL Sorry but 4 months are a lot~

Second part for SA
Got on the bus from LRT. Full but not wth full. Still, I managed to hold on behind the driver's area. =.= The bus was getting more crowded! It had to stop and people kept boarding because they wanted to go fast, no matter how cramped/uncomfortable the bus was. Once I got out at SA, I had to stretched my legs, especially my right leg. So cramped! wth

Okay, done. Enough has been typed! Bye~


Starbucks @ Kuching Airport

11:06 PM

Taken on 26 August 2011.

Chocolate Roll & Green Tea Latte

The chocolate roll was delicious!

They heated it up before serving so the chocolate inside was melting hot! wth Loves!

The dough used is also yummy. Somehow reminds me of some karipaps, it breaks crunch-ly in my mouth.

=.= I was with my Mum and bro (17). Mum ordered three chocolate rolls too.

So we were kinda forced to finish all up!


I don't mind, it's not always that you get to spoil yourself with lots of chocolates. Duh!

My drink was Green Tea Latte.

Creamy and a bit sweet. Green tea tends to be bitter.

Not this one!

It's really great, for real okay. wth

Plus, was having a soar throat. =.='

I would have chosen a chocolate drink/ mocha but...... I prioritize my health at that time.

Anyway, price was between RM15-20. *Forgot actual price for both chocolate roll and my drink The amount is estimated for the two items only.

Okay, bye!


Kueh Tiaw soup, Taste of Asia version

10:32 PM

Kueh Tiaw soup @ Taste of Asia, LCCT


I'm not gonna mince my words about this food.

The soup is TASTELESS. wth Read: hot water.

The only thing that made my mouth full was the fish balls. 

Strips of chicken meat. Dad said a few only, unsatisfied.

Too much beansprout. Felt like eating RAW beansprout too.

Also, I was upset with the order service. Maybe they had less staffs on duty that day.

You have to YELL out your order for them to notice. wth


Yeah, nasty 1st foodiescapadee. LOL

Style SOS

HP #7 screening with sis

9:43 PM

This is long overdue. Below is my attire for the Harry Potter #7 at MBO tHe spring with my sis. Taken sometime in July.

My own style :)

The usual brown sling bag. (Bought during some event in UM.)

The usual actually FAV red sweater. (Damn! Phone setting made it looked like pink!)

The usual slippers. (Bought from Bata.)

The random black scarf. (Followed my sis's idea of twisting it at the neck.)

White shirt & grey vest are my sis's. =.= I lack in stylish clothes.

Oh, don't worry, the jeans are mine!

ps: I really need to go through my clothes. Most of them are comfortable and wearable. But on style points...........


Gift from work

9:28 PM

It was given on my last day of work, 31st July 2011.

It's artificial pink flowers. There are two paper butterflies, which is Diana's specialty. 

One is a red butterfly, the other a violet one.

The 'soil' is a kind of green earth, not the useful brown earth. I think it's plastic anyway.

I love it! Even the gift packaging was pretty.

Too bad, it's in Kuching. I was worried it might get broken during flight. :(

ps: The teddy bear is Loki! >.<


My Obsession: My name's unique

1:46 PM

I just have to do a topic on this! When even professionals get my name wrong, it means something is definitely wrong in their eyes.

The full name's Julianna. Yeah, double N. I'm eternally grateful that my name is unique, given by both my parents.

What I don't understand is the need or ignorance of some to shorten my name. Don't give me that lame EXCUSE of 'Sorry, I didn't notice/forgot.'

I know Juliana is more common out there. Which is why JULIANNA is unique.

But yeah, sometimes being unique makes your name less striking. I should have asked for Alexandria or Elizabeth or Anie or Janet. Easier for you to spell. No need for doubles, right?


Thank goodness they got my MyKad right or I'll create hell. Nope, wrong. They are the ones who will create hell for me. Most of the time, SCHOOL authorities got my name wrong.

I thought school's clerks are an literate bunch. Even if I'm active in school and have lots of certificates to proof, as usual they got my name wrong on the print! Yeah, there's my IC in some but is Juliana really related to Julianna?

In the end, I have lots of TRASH certificates. :(

Now I'm in university. I will not allow my unique name to be dishonoured anymore.

I stand up for this unique name which my parents have given.

ps: Though sometimes, I do let them get away with the double error. Who knows, they have twins in the family!

Ok, bye!

Bus Trip

Bus trip SA-UM #2

11:03 AM

As promised, the child for this edition of the bus trip.

Actually there's two bus trips this week but I'll summarize them into one. Not much anyway of what happened.

Monday, 5th Sept-
Going to UM
Was nervous in the bus. In case I miss the drop off, I kept looking in front. And there was one lady, who kept looking at me. Okay, jeez, my clothes were fine, not tank top, mini skirt etc. It's a long sleeve shirt with long jeans. =.= Some people just have to look at others (more like staring at me, what, think I'm a free-hair Muslim, is it?). So anyway, got off safely near UM.

Going back to SA
Classic! Was at the LRT station, waiting and watched the traffic jam (4.30-5.30pm). What irritated me was the mad rush of some to join the queue. I guess, being IN the queue is a lot better than being before the queue. *pun intended
Got on the bus and of all horrors, FULL. Yeah, so standing up. Thank goodness had the mind to wear long sleeves. No free armpits show, okay. Then I spotted something really, really interesting!

A pregnant lady was also standing up! OMG Don't you guys have any sense? She's pregnant and none of those people comfortably sitting their butts minded. I felt sad and enraged at the same time. Yeah, great Malaysian culture we have. I don't know where she boarded the bus but she got off at SA too. Most unfortunate, since she couldn't get a seat, she settled on the floor instead. Shame on those others! Imagine if she was your Mom, your Grandmother or your Wife!

Tuesday, 6th Sept-
Going to UM
One thing only, when the bus wanted to stop near UM, there were TWO worker's buses there. No wonder the bus stopped so suddenly. I should just sit down until the bus stop! *My palms were smarting a bit from grabbing the poles just in the nick of time.

Going to SA
Quite late arriving at the LRT station but just nice because the vehicles weren't crawling like snails. Plus, I got a seat at the back. =.= I was between a Muslim Malay lady and a guy that I dare not make eye contact because I got the message (his MP3 or whatever was loud, even using earphones~). The lady was snoozing in the chair. I nearly slept too but was worried I might miss SA since the traffic was quite smooth.

Anything interesting on your bus trips? Tell me about them!

Special Activities

FBE Treasure Hunt #1

4:22 PM

Hi, readers! Long time since last post. Was having writer's block. =.=

Okay, let me tell a brief about the title post!

FBE= Faculty of Built Environment. Of University of Malaya.

Treasure Hunt is the faculty's activity to involve all departments in familiarizing them with the spaces in the faculty. It is the 1st time having this type of activity. Batch 2011/2012.

Before, last year's orientation (my batch,2010/2011) was a briefing of the course (Estate Management). All departments had briefing, if I'm not mistaken. It was okay, in helping us to know our course.


I can say that this TREASURE HUNT is great, in helping the new undergraduates and also as an enjoyment for all. Yes, even us, facilitators, lecturers and staff enjoyed helping/watching. ;)

ps: I'm so happy+excited+glad+PENAT (tired) that I helped! Hahahaha!

And hope the undergraduates weren't too tired! Most were running to their checkpoints~ What energy!

Pictures credit to Farhana Mohammed Isa. :)

Teaser pix!

Don't worry. There was no accidents. *hopefully~

Looks easy, right?

The rolled up CLUES!

Looks organized... & in perfect condition. FOR NOW.

Remember you used to make these? ;)

Side trip for a cool drink!

Seriously, I was reminded of tour guides! xD

Neat boxes for the facilitators!

Remember the1st two pix? Well... here's what they really are.
ps: The participants' faces were classic! For more pix, find the link before end of this post!

Nice teamwork in finishing the puzzles!

Cute lil blue flag. >.<

Uh-oh! Counting the winning teams.

Results will be known this Thursday. Hope the participants enjoyed it tremendously!

Pix link

More updates about this activity will be posted! Thanks for reading.

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