A week left

2:05 PM

Yes, a week more before course registration for UM students in the 8 semester program. The bummer thing is that one subject is gonna take a lot of time, 5 credit hours. However, seeing from the schedule we put together, Monday might just as well be a day off for the first week. Only having a tutorial class in the evening. Monday morning is free.

ps: This is one boring post if you're not UM student. Please exit before you fall asleep.

So, nothing much except for the previous post, which concerned about Nuffnang Malaysia. Scroll down for it in the other post.

And yes, I'm still doing the drafts. Hope I finish before my deadline. There's a book review I promised and also the blog review contest I'm positively joining.

ps: I'm reminding myself through this post.

Another thing I'm still pondering about is my attire during this coming semester. I'm thinking, yeah, thinking about going all formal. Like, slacks and shirts or collared T-shirts. But it has to be comfortable. What I worry if I have to walk somewhere not in my faculty, like to the Perdanasiswa. Have to think how first. All the same, I have a bit inkling of what to wear if I do go all formal. The reason I'm doing this: Wanna get used to being formal, not like I can wear jeans and T-shirts when I'm working outside. The down part is those slacks. Some are pretty uncomfortable because they show off my legs (okay, it's my butt actually, ahem ahem).

Well. that's all. Bye!

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