Two more book reviews

2:02 PM

I'm really into books, if you failed to notice~

Okay, review for one (book-review-fidelity-project) done and left with the other (books-ive-read-but-havent-reviewed).

I'm currently interested in a blog review contest and choosing a book for it. It's the 4th Anniversary Blog Review Contest by BookXcess. You can click here for more info.

I think I'll go for this book because I think some people might have read it but do not understand the in-depth thinking it gives.

Another choice was this one.

Oh, and this one~

Yeah, I was spoiled for choice. But I guess the one that got me thinking more is the 1st book. So I'll be doing the draft now. Full concentration needed. 


ps: Join the contest too! It'll be fun. Well, nothing like those shooting, arcade, racing stuff but a lot more peaceful, right?

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