Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes I think just too much

Yeah, I might get paranoia.

When I think that everyone is getting in a conspiracy.

And it doesn't help that my Facebook has an insecure browsing.

Thus, I'm getting suck into a manga-reading mood.

I like the names that popped up during that status update.

Because those are the ones really close to me in Facebook.

Or is it those that keep opening my Wall?

Anyway, I'm just paranoia today.

I posted something in my course group.

And I might just be imagining things.

But it might be for real.

I think some people dislike me for posting that update.

Some ill-thinking people.

Who happens to dislike politics or incompetent females.

But hey.

No politics, no females.

You get no democracy and no babies.

In case you're thinking of getting yourself pregnant.

By all means, you're welcome to do the motherhood business.

Less job for us, home makers.

For a final note which is irrelevant maybe to you.

I can't wait for an Obedient Husband Club.


(ps: Rambles. Hope doesn't get into your head much.)

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