My Obsession: Ankle boots

5:00 PM

This is a seldom treat! :)

Ankle boots: (taken from Wiki~)

These are the most widely-worn style of fashion boots, usually under pants.Ankle boots are also the only type of fashion boot commonly worn by both men and women, and the only one to have remained popular without a break since the 19th Century. They vary in length from booties or shoe boots (effectively a shoe that skims the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.

And here are some photos (with their source links!):

Might I remind you this is about the boots but still, the other stuffs are eye candies!
The ring is so pretty~

Yeah, Gucci's boots are beautiful.... Though I think I'll call those heels as killer heels because I can never wear that high~

The whole attire combination including the boots is gorgeous, I do hope I'm able to wear like that... Gotta level up my dressing sense with practice!

Seems casual, right? For a night out, perfect. For a lecture in campus session, going to have burnt out ears from 'formal attire'. 

-.-" I have a feeling that some misleading humans are going to question the model's body but whatever, I'm all about the boots she's wearing. Fantastic laced up boots, gotta save my budget for a pair. 

All photos have their sources linked. Click on them if you wanna know more. Reminder: most of the above are overseas~

Now for some local business in Malaysia:

First up are photos from their photo album (they do sell other types of shoes and attires, I just focused on the boots in their album).
This one looks great, love the metal buckle. Somehow it says that it have a comfy lining inside. ^.^

Mostly black, it looks professional type, I think you could pass it off in a lecture hall by wearing it under a long/maxi dress. Though then what's the point of it being a boot? 

RED!!! Love the design!

Okay, now, to the online shop of the owner~

(Clicking on the title brings you to their Facebook page. Click here for their site: which is still under construction....for the time being, go to their FB!)

I just found the shop yesterday (-.-") so I can't recommend anything until I buy something from them. 

They're based in Kedah and mostly they use Chinese. But I see that they are using English now. Seems new since the 'Like' count is 200++. Still, it's growing fast. 

ps: When I do have the budget, I'm going to order one of those boots in the photos. Mind guessing which one?

Next shop!!!

(I'm doing the intro 1st and photos later this time~)

Founded in 2010, 'Like' count: 38000+++

Has its own site and a blog. About the blog, I can't say much because it's mostly in Chinese. The site has a translation into English function but I daresay it isn't perfect. Don't worry, you could always ask them to explain further.

Based in Pulau Pinang~ (you could find it in the Info section of their FB page)

Also, I can't recommend much since I haven't make any purchase yet.

Now, to photos!!

Makes you think whether it can be separated at the lines~

Ooooh, gorgeous!!

Cute bows!

Now I wonder if I should get my 1st pair of boots from which shop?


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  1. i also think that this kinda boots hot last time :) but now my passion drift to other simpler design~~~~ damn, i always change!

  2. Been my obsession since Primary school years. What are the other simple design?

  3. i mean other simpler footwear :) no more boots in my list =.=


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