Listen well, you're no mindreader

10:00 PM

Sometimes we assume the worst or best message.

But are you sure that's truly the message you read?

It gets confusing.

There's no solid basis.

Yeah, you could say it's from experiences.

But who knows, right?

A liking might actually be a hidden hatred.

Yeah, it's that confusing.

Guys say girls are confusing.

And we, ladies, say men are confusing.

Guess what?

We, men and women like playing mind games.

What's actually in the words we say?

What's actually in the words we write?

Can you say you really know?

Can you say you really understand?

Yeah, it's confusing.

But that's why.

Sometimes you just got to talk it out.

It might get embarrassing when the real message gets across.

But aren't you glad, finally?

That the other end got it?

That the other end really understand it?

Yeah, it's confusing.

So sometimes.

You just gotta listen well.

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