Humble K vs Arrogant In

10:36 PM

You might know what K and In stand for from this post~ Read it for a short background intro. >.< Now for the interesting story I kinda promised you!

Since I figured out by my own self that I (Damn! Too short that you might get confused!) In could well managed herself, I walked to the other aisles, trying to find things to do.

I didn't see the commotion or I would have asked about it. Well, never mind that, K was more than happy to relate. Not to badmouth but yeah, I have the face of a counselor, remember?

So the story unfolds~

There they were in the aisle. Only K and In.

A lady came into the aisle, went up to In's section. The usual promoting happened. The lady took one of In's stuff and In watched her walked down the aisle towards K.

K didn't bother much because the lady already chose In's stuff. The lady asked how much K's stuff was, and does it have that and that. (Making it short and to not bore you with details.)

And here, the commotion began!! (The way I write this kinda made me seem that I'm happy it happened right? Well, in a way, I was excited. Not everyday you get to hear something that only happens in movies~)

In walked up to K, right in front of the lady (AKA customer) and said, "Why are you promoting your stuff to her? She already chose my stuff." Original version: Kenapa kamu promote barang kamu? Dia sudah pilih barang saya.

Though I don't know or I can't exactly confirm the tone In used, I daresay it was the same super annoyed tone.

The lady was dumbfounded. Yeah, suddenly to have become the source of a small(?) squabble between two promoters; it's a pressure to become a consumer too. *Sigh

K was shocked but not into silence. She put up her own stand. "It's the customer who comes to me and ask. What am I supposed to do? Ignore her then?" Original version: Pelanggan itu yang datang sendiri tanya. Takkan saya nak buat tak peduli, nanti dia mengadu saya sombong, tak tolong dia.

And K did have a point, she wasn't promoting her stuff, she just answered to the  lady's queries.


And I thought being a promoter is easy and simple. Looks like it actually isn't. Yeah, it may seem glamorous, what-not. While in reality, they mostly got ignored, especially those doing it on the street.

(I'm one of those guilty ones who mostly just walked past them, as fast as I can. Because usually, I'm in a rush and sadly plus frankly, I'm not interested in that stuff you're promoting.)

Oh, a note. Just in case you're wondering what exactly I'm doing but I haven't seem to answer to your questions, leave a comment here or PM me on Facebook. Or my formspring~


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