Help is not through words spoken

10:24 PM

Been a while since my latest post, last Thursday, to be exact. Sorry, dear readers, for the missed days. Yours truly felt ill. Even to type was torture so yours truly needed time/days off.

Okay, enough with yours truly. It makes me sound like I'm gone from this world. Too bad for my haters, I'm still breathing.

When I'm feeling well enough, I'll continue with the drafts. I have a lot in Stitchy (my blue Dell). For now, spare your time for this post in Nuffnang: Let Your Voices Be Heard.

Here is the extract from the post too:

"So dear Nuffnangers, if you have any stories to share, please do as getting your stories will definitely help to increase the public understanding of this matter. If you have experienced any emotional issues or know anyone involved in such matters, please do blog about it to get the word out. Troubled teens need to know that they are not alone in this, and perhaps there is someone out there who will benefit from you sharing your experience. Please help to spread the word, as your stories can make a positive difference for the world. :)"

Most people say it's simple: Stay positive.

Okay, let me tell you what makes what you probably said above, so NOT simple.

How can you be positive? 

When there's a lot of pessimistic around you.

He/she may not be like you.

Born into a good family/favourable conditions.

You must consider.

There are countries where they have wars, prejudice and the negativity of life.

So don't put it down as SIMPLE.

Because for starters, LIFE is not all roses in the garden.

Say thanks that you do not have to face what they are facing.

Then say: Please help them by giving them strength. To face the adversity of life.

And that's how you MAY be able to help.

ps: I especially hate those ignorant people who label suicides as STUPID. Guess what, they're the stupid lot.

I had depression. Not gonna gloss over it but it was tough. I didn't go to a hospital whatever because it mostly went unnoticed (it was a mild one, really). So I pulled myself out from it. Because I figured out myself that I did not want this life to go to waste. For one, there must be a purpose to exist. Which I must find.

I'm not totally happy about my life. So I scream and I cry. Not to tell you, but to tell myself that it's alright to feel, feel hurt, angry and sad. 

Damn! My sentences are messed up. You might get confused. But I'm seeing black spots now so I'll stop here.


(The illness is every female's illness. Now let me rest! >.<")

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