Day two: 10 things I love

3:14 PM

1. I love plushies!! Below aren't the ones I have. Hehe....

  <<<Mmm... I feel like making these bunnies using felt... Ilah!! >.<

2. I love my Nokia phone. But now I think it's hating me! Keeps on jamming up. T.T

3. I love drawing very much that I nearly enjoyed taking architecture. NEARLY! Then it kinda died..... Now I stick to drawing manga-like only. Hahahaha.... So I love my pencils to draw them. (Btw, drawing isn't a 'thing', right? Oh well~)

4. I love shoes, sandals from Bata. Don't know why, maybe because Dad usually goes there when shopping for school shoes? Still, I do visit Bata to see what's for sale. :)

5. I freaking love my hair!! Then I get all upset when it gets dandruff/oily/brittle/dry. But I can't spend 1 or 2 hours spoiling (AKA shampooing, conditioning, masking) it in the showers. Or RMxxxx to wash/treatment it at salons. Super sad one. ): Also, I feel so sad when have to cut.....

6. I love sling bags to handbags. Prefer the option of slinging it near my hips than have it under my armpit or over my arm. Hahaha.... -.-" Though it does make me wonder when people look at my sling bag or my hips (or my butt... xP)

7. I love dresses to jeans. Currently have 2 maxi dress and thinking of adding skirts. So far I have a long purple skirt.... I wanna try the knee-length skirts, preferably checkered-pattern? Not fluffy like or lacey. I'm more to preppy types.

8. I love rings to earrings. Though my collection of rings is so dismal. Not too vintage, just the kiddy types. My afford range usually goes RM2-RM30. The one I'm using now is the RM30 something. Super nice and pretty. *Pictures next month! >:D

9. I love books to music/movies. I rather pay RM9 for a comic than for a movie pass! Hahaha.... If I wanna read thick 'boring' books, I search through Dad's books. Sure to find some 'rare' interesting ones.

10. I love chocolates more than cakes. Oh, but if its chocolate cake, I love it most!! And if its dark chocolate,  super mad love! Hahaha.... \(^-^)/

Finish! Thanks for reading!!

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