Day three: 10 things I hate

12:54 AM

Early morning post! (Might be doing two challenges today, so this one's 1st.)

1. I hate service without a smile. (consider a 'thing', right?) Maybe you've had a bad day; still you're paid to give good service. Don't like the job, QUIT. We all have bad days but pouting ain't gonna help you.

2. I hate chewing gum. Okay, revise that. Specifically, those that got stuck on walls/pavements. Super GROSS max! -.-" I had the luck *sarcasm to experience seeing TWO gums......

3. I hate organizers. *Heck! Sounds too harsh. I just dislike using organizers. Because I need them most in my life.... I tend to be the throw-it-in-a-place type of 'organizer'... Hahahaha...

4. I hate 5-minutes shower or less. That's too SHORT!! For a young lady who must groom herself... *sniff, sniff... I need at least 10 minutes.... or more. >:D

5. I hate unreasonable mark up of prices! Like seriously, a comic from West Malaysia costs RM5. East Malaysia, it costs RM7??? Super ridiculous mark up. *Example only. It's real in some small shops.

6. I hate human sirens... Don't get it? It means humans with the tendency to scream till you can hear them from across the sea. Minor one, thank goodness I don't meet a lot of them. I'm not saying I hate noise, just not too loud till you win over a volcano eruption. Hand me some earplugs FIRST then you CAN scream. >.<

7. I hate very, very short replies.... 'k' does not mean okay. Even if I do use them (yeah I do), I continue with a new sentence. Except when I'm really short on time/ busy. Then please understand my usage of 'k'. Hahaha... *Excuses.

8.  I hate hanging messages. Here's an example:
A: Hi, how are you?
B: Great! How about you?
*Waits 30 minutes.
B: Are you busy?
*After 2 days
A: Sorry, out of credit.

Figures~ The out-of-credit excuse is okay (you could use Facebook). But IF you still had credit and still didn't reply because oh, you forgot you messaged first. -,- At least end the conversation with 'goodbye'. Manners!

9. I hate wasting space in books. Yes, I still keep my old exercise books. Even some from Secondary (thrown out the Primary ones already). Lessons sometimes finished early and left a lot of empty pages behind. Useful for doodles/drawing!

10. I hate plastic & paper. Gotcha! Nope, I don't hate them both. Plastic is good in some ways and so are paper.... Hahaha... -.-" Better if you don't know what I mean.

Done! Now spread like FIRE.

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