Day ten: 10 final words

11:24 PM

Oppss... I missed yesterday... =.="

Oh, well, was busy so this post is actually for yesterday~

ps: Though it is a bit irritating to say final words...

1. End of 10 things in 10 days challenge.

2. Brrrr.... it's cold here even though the air conditioner is 27... Should I make it 30?

3. Be patient, to my sis and also for him... he's missing me lots.. alalalalala ;)

Final words are hard so I'm purposely mixing....hahahaha...

4. Do keep in touch....

5. I'll try visiting your blog. BUT I may take my time because I'm on broadband.

6. Soon holiday will end. Can't wait to start studying and stressing. =.='

7. Missing my part time work... Okay, miss the other workers actually..hahaha...

8. Missing my other plushies... Coco and Snowy... only have Loki with me, hope the other two are safe.

9. Not missing other things that perhaps mean nothing to me. <<<Just some random sentence,don't know what to type, my head getting dizzy.

10. Since my head is getting dizzy, so, goodbye. This ends the 10 things in 10 days challenge.

Okay, bye. Gotta sleep!

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