Day six: 10 items I can't live without

10:10 PM

Oooh! 26 Sept is coming up fast! So I'm gonna do TWO challenges tomorrow. One in the very early morning before sleep and the other some time in the evening maybe~

Oh well, day 6's challenge!

1. Phone- I know my purse is supposed to be No. 1 but after much consideration, I'd rather prefer a phone near by.....

2. Purse- Yes, with all the identification card, the ATM cards or even those membership cards (MPH, Jusco...) Else, you wanna be stuck/labeled as an ILLEGAL immigrant!

3. Lip balm- IMPORTANT for all ladies! Treasure your lips, okay. A parched lip can really hurt and it's kinda gross to see it bleeding, mind you... >.<

4. The air we all breathe in, the water that keeps us alive, the food...etc. etc... These all are the need stuff, not the want stuff....

5. My spectacles- I DO used contact lenses but still I prefer the convenient of spectacles. Take it, put it on and take it off, AT LEISURE... For contact lenses, you have to be extra careful NOT to drop them, not to misplace them and to be careful with the solution....

6. My laptop- This should have been after the phone/purse but never mind... I need my laptop to be in touch with online activities... Plus for assignments.... Not much on WRITTEN assignments anymore.. Thanks to 'Save the trees' campaign... We're going software copies..

7. Notes (paper!)- Can't or never forget these trusty little midgets! They are just so helpful when you're in a rush and need to jot down quickly... Plus, easier to draw/doodle on then those difficult programs in the computer..

8. My clothes- Hahahahahaha................. =.=" *cough cough.... And all the other attire whatever...

9. Books- I need to gain more knowledge.... Even comics have a moral okay~

Mmmmm............... (Thinking~)

10. His love *blush..... >.<


Okay, done! Bye!

* Mad rush to the exit, with red cheeks. xD

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