Day seven: 10 important people

5:44 PM

Huaaaa!!! T.T I don't know why I couldn't open my blog... Helios told me to scan my laptop just in case the problem is in my laptop...

But, but....then... I'm lazy to do it now... Hahahahaha, sometime tonight, okay. Let's continue with the challenge.

1. Him.... * I didn't say anyone in particular... faham- faham lah sendiri... *Confession: I'm not into religious thing...

2. Mom- She gave birth to me, okay.. Plus I think I look like her... *Kembang hidung, mummy I masih cantik walau dah 30+++

3. Dad- He helped Mom so that I got into this world... Hahahahaha.... Sensitive issue~

4. Here, I'll just list my siblings okay.. All 5 of them, my big bro (now 22), my sis (now 19 & my gossip partner), my bro again (now 18) and last, my youngest bro (now 6). You do the math!

5. Next are my Papa (grandfather.. Mummy's father....) and my Mama (grandmother... Mummy's mother..) and also my Dad's parents....

6. TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hyper on this one.... Actually this is No. 1 ..... Hahahahaha >:D

7. Then, my friends.. In real life, as well as on the social networks.... Or my work place.. As long as you said 'hi' and I had said 'hi', we're friends. No biggie..

8. Past ex-es... Hahahaha, well, they're not so important now. Still, we're friends...... on a different level... Somehow after the 'X', we got all 'I've never been with him/her' thing... Nah, I just don't bother anyway..Lalalalala

9. Can I please change this into 2 non-important people? Because I ran out of options. Hahahaha... Well, I guess no harm too.. So, non-important people are........ Those big-mouth aunts who tormented my sis with a cannot-talk-Iban issue. Like, HELL. *Yes, I'm Iban & I don't know it, okay. Let's just say, home language is not Iban and you can't learn it when no one speaks it around you... *Rolls eyes... To that horrible aunt, go teach yourself English. Bet you can't survive even 1 hour of learning grammar and compression. Even writing! >:)

*I'm dropping that A issue... yeah, that hateful, arrogant one in my kinda hurts when it's a two-way thing... sniff... Plus, he's way below my standard~

10. Least non-important people are those who couldn't care less what happened to me. Yeah, I'm sick but a slight fever... Then by all means, just get angry when I'm slow and stupid... Because I had a slight fever... I know you're not a super doctor but can't you notice my sweaty forehead and half-closed eyelids?.... Or I should go run around, telling people I have a slight fever... >.<

Ugh, why did I get all emotional? =.=lll

Don't bother, I'm grumpy from this stupid malware thing... *sigh

Okay, bye!

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