Day one: 10 things about ME

11:36 PM

Hahaha, did you all wait long? Sorry there, got caught up on a Facebook frenzy.

Okay, moving on to the 1st challenge!

1. MY full name is not spelled with a 'Anak' or 'Binti' or 'a/p'. It's spelled simple. So you're not supposed to get it wrong! And also, don't ever pandai-pandai add those mentioned above. *meanie mode >:D

2. Know when is Hari Wilayah Persekutuan? BINGO! 1st February. And if you're a diligent one, jot it down/typed in your phone/ BB. It's my birthday! (Also my big bro's....yeah! -.-") *perasan giler

3. Not left-handed.

4. Planning to grow out hair until it reaches the floor and becomes a mop. *Seriously, I'm just kidding. But I'm already on the verge of cutting it to shoulder length!

5. Loki, Snowy & Coco are not live pets. So isn't Stitchy! (Hahaha, find out later okay~)

6. I have really nice, long fingers. Like, seriously. My fingers got a lot more attention than my CUTE cheeks! Plus, shiny fingernails! (Thank you, Garlic!) Oh, should I paint them black? ;)

7. This is my forgot-how-many blog. Previously, I had another blog under LWC. Guess what? It could mean a lot of things...... The greatest being this: Ladies with class. Others are here.

8. I like privacy. But I also like the spotlight. Clashing right? Go figure! xD

9. I'm a beginner of using make-up. So far, it's eye shadows, eye liner, face powder and blusher. I don't even know whether I get those names right! And I'm not so keen in branded items. Plus, I made my eye liner blunt! Like, hideously blunt. Lots for me to learn.....

10. I'm quite patient. It's limited as to what might make me go SNAP. Be warned!

Hahaha... Can't believe I ended up with lots of crap! Well, whatever. I did think a whole 3 minutes before typing out, mind you. So long till next day challenge!!


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