Day nine: 10 ways to win my heart

9:50 PM

Ohh! Cooking up a scandal, aren't we? Nah, I can't, I have Teddy already. Hahahaha, so the ways below might win your way to my heart... BUT just as friends. If you succeed, you'll have a very loyal friend indeed. >.<

1. Show your weaknesses. I don't like you showing all your good points all the time. We are humans so don't be afraid to show your bad points. Even if there are ignorant, insensitive, arrogant, bossy, snob, troll-like...hahahaha... But please don't overdo the bad points till you forgot the good points.

2. A little compliment is necessary. Who doesn't like being praise? Say I'm clever, say I'm pretty, say I'm good in drawing. Yeah, make me feel proud. But if you're compliments are downright LIES, be forewarned. I might as well kick you in the ***. (Censored for certain readers.)

3. Leave me alone when I'm moody. Important fact if you wanna be friends with me. I didn't mean to shout/snap but if you do get on my nerves, forget it, you won't get an apology from me.

4. Know that I don't apologize easily. Don't go all grumpy/moody if I get all meanie on you. Yeah, I 'tortured' you. Tell me a good reason why I shouldn't say what's on my mind. Then PERHAPS I'll apologize....decently.

5. A little lady-like treatment. I'm a lady, not a guy. I like punching you, yeah, guys. But don't punch me back as hard as I punched you. Better still, let me punch you and you just endure it. So it's unfair. I call it being a gentleman. Let me get special treatment from you. Hahahahaha... Nah, just kidding. Simple polite manners. Like not jumping the queue in front me or holding the door open for me is nice. Carrying my things for me is a bonus!

6. Mind gifts? Who doesn't, right? A chocolate bar to get a smile from me is cute approach from a guy. BUT specially reserved if you're cute/handsome/dashing. If you have pimples/visible dark spots/geeky-like look, please do a MASSIVE make-over before you bring in the chocolate & flowers. I might mistake you as a troll and stomp on you before you even get to say anything.. hahahahahaha *evil laugh

Somehow I got carried away and is now giving away tips to woo me! Hahahahaha.... okay, serious mode: below 4 are to be on very good terms with me.

7. LISTEN when I talk. I very, very seldom find those who listen/hang to my words. The most I get is a 'oh,ok'. =.= Like, are you even listening? If I were to ask to repeat, 0%. So yeah, to get people to listen, I need to be course rep? No way! Been there, done that, I'm over it! Now, you don't listen, I shut my mouth and walk away. Why waste my time on those who don't listen?

8. Tell me when I'm wrong.....gently. And if possible, one-to-one approach. And to ME only. I rather HATE those that didn't tell me what I did wrong but has no problems telling everyone else. If I ever heard it from a third party, consider yourself DOOM. Because my grudge is until you KNEEL in front of me and apologize... into the microphone. And yeah, I'll be recording. Lalalalala....

9. Shopping for me is a personal thing. If you are planning to go with me, I rather not because I'll leave you to wander around. I have shops I like and I can go around to all of them whenever I like. You want to go back together, fine. Just tell me the time and we can meet up later.

10. Don't ever call me DUMB. Or slow. Essentially, don't ever call me names. I don't forget easily those who do. You will be in the Blacklist and suffer long term silence from me.

=.=' Wow.... Some friendship pointers suddenly... All the same, tomorrow is the last challenge!


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2 reads

  1. siapa lah yang bertuah dapat memenangi hati awak yang cerewet nih.. hehe

  2. Reading this makes me think I'm not even close to being your friend, cipp bangang hantu Ju-On!

    Yes, I called you names right here in public. Punch me and you know that you're getting a shoe in the face right? Muahahaha! That's because I'm always awesome am I not? XP


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