Day four: 10 things I want to say to one person

11:42 PM

It asked for one person... How intriguing... I'd rather not choose someone special, that could mean cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff.... You'll get bored, won't you, readers? Let's see... <<< My thinking process.

Got it! Now START!

1. Hi, may I be your friend?

2. You did great!

3. I think this is how you should do it.

4. I'm sorry but I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

5. I just wanted to help you, my friend.

6. Can't you see that I'm right and you're wrong?

7. Why did I became your friend?

8. I'm moving.

9. Keep in touch.

10. Hi! Good to see you again! Miss you lots!

See how I go around the 10 things? The one person I chose is a friend. May be your best friend or a classmate friend, whichever but you call that one person a friend. And to begin a friendship, you usually start with No. 1, right? As A and B could be in the same place, you should be able to imagine the scenes from the dialogues above... Things can also mean dialogues *my interpretation! >:D

And the dialogues I choose are some of the important ones. There's the compliment and the critic, then the quarrel. Friends sometimes say harsh words to each other. It's good if they can reconcile.

Although A had to moved elsewhere, they still kept in touch, hence No. 10, where they managed to meet again... Goodness how many years might have passed till they met. Hahahahaha....

Anyway, how would you do this challenge? Bit tricky, you know... >.<

ps: Though it says Day four, actually it's on the same day as Day three. I'm trying to finish fast because by 26 august, I'm busy. :( Can't update much that time so hope you all don't mind. Thanks in advance! :)

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