Day five: 10 wishes

11:42 PM

Wow! I get to make wishes?! *kiddo mode zoning in & young adult mode zoning out....

1. I wish that I am a pro in ROLLER BLADES!!! (Bought a skateboard but suck, big time....)

2. I wish I can draw very, very handsome manga guys! (Great candy eye during boring classes~)

3. I wish people can read when I need some privacy.... Then I won't need to stare at them or snap at them to leave me alone.

4. I wish people can read when I need someone to listen to me... Everybody talks but mostly they don't listen to me... :(

5. I wish I didn't have to move most of the time during my childhood.. Super jealous seeing friends say they'd been to the same school since Primary, Secondary and even to University. *What's with that luck!!

6. I wish I had a very sharp memory. I don't mean to forget you or your name. I just forgot because we seldom meet or keep in touch...

7. I wish some memories can be forgotten. Like, SNAP! Then there will be no worries...

8. I wish for time to stop at some specific time... Like a special moment or occasion... When it's special, please slow down for me to enjoy all of it..

9. I wish for time to go faster at times. So that maybe something good can happen, leaving the bad one behind...

10. I wish for my love to be only his. Because he's the only one that can make me feel good and bad, both at the same time. #Teddy.

*sniff... Got a bit emotional when wishing... >.<

Well, hope I could finish the challenge before taking off... Bye!

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