Day eight: 10 of my favourite songs

12:16 AM

=.=" <<< Know why this look? Because truthfully, I don't really have any preferences. Well, here goes, anyway...

1. Songs by Westlife... Well, when they were a 5-guy group. When it's a 4-guy group, my affection went down..  Somehow it doesn't sound the same. So, yeah, songs when they were a 5 are my favourites.

2. Hillary Duff's songs!

3. Avril Lavigne! Any songs by her. *I didn't hear all of them... :(

See how hard this day challenge is!!!!!!!!!!

4. Anime songs. I mean like those in Gensomaden Saiyuki.. and Prince of Tennis.. And Fruits Basket! Yeah, my favourites!

5. Songs I knew through my sis. She's the one who keeps updated on songs, new or some old too. =.="

6. Songs through friends. Unashamed I'll tell them I don't know what song is it. "I just like the tune and the lyrics..."

7. Some oldies... These maybe through my Mummy. We have some Karaoke discs which are really nice.

I'm a bore right? Don't worry, almost finishing...

8. Songs from games. Some are childish songs like Loco Roco theme song. Cute but yeah for kiddos. Still, I like them, though can be a bit annoying to listen to all the time.. And the RPG songs are nice...

9. Songs from TV series. Like you know how X File series sounded like? Or even the CSI series!

10. Songs from cartoon programs. Well, this is like the anime and TV series... Though I can still remember how Powerpuff Girls' song went.. Hahahahaha. I miss Dexter's Laboratory the most!

Done! *hides ashamed face in pillow

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