Bus trip SA-UM #1

10:34 PM

Oh, yeah. This post will grow to have its children. You just have to wait and see. Therefore, the need to revamp my Label for posts! >.< Getting irrelevant for some labels...

SA- Shah Alam
UM- University of Malaya

This post might or might not give tips/advice/comments as seen fit by the writer of this blog. Also known by nickname as ANNA. If you have any inquiries, drop a comment. Thanks for reading this short notice.

Okay, first up, the bus trip is not a direct route INTO UM. The bus from SA has some stops along the route before arriving at a destination near to UM's entrance. Vague? *Ask me in email. (Can't give away too much. In case you wait for me there. :P )

To get back to SA from UM, Pasar Seni is my 1st bus stop.

ps: I omitted an LRT station, by the way~

Before it gets too crowded for comfort, I need to be fast and on time. Else, I have to stand and bear the whole way. =.= Super tired right arm....

Then, in SA, I may as well do some shopping but MUST be light weight. What a walk to Daddy's office!!! >:(

ps: Not going to tell, in details, where in SA exactly! :P

So far, today's maiden *pfft! trip was okay. Fine actually. I can get the hang of it very soon. I have next Monday and Tuesday to try it out. Though a little finger-crossing ain't gonna spoil anything right? I'd rather not take any chances. Oh, I better check that I have a pepper spray ready.


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  1. blog ni malware.. rasa takut je nak buka.. :(

    selamat hari raya. *xde kene ngene ngn entry yg awak buat. haha

  2. Jom join giveaway dari Wanita2u pula. :)
    Hadiah mmg sangat menarik. Berbaloi-baloi join. Hehehe.



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