Book review: Princess Academy

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Princess Academy
Shannon Hale

Bloomsbury usa children’s books 2005
Isbn-13: 978-1-58234-993-0

(Borrowed from PUSTAKA negeri Sarawak)

A tale of a mountain girl’s adventure in regconizing herself amongst her peers and in her own family; in her tales of training to become a lowlanders’ princess.

Miri was named after a strong mountain flower, which could thrive amid the harsh, almost barren mountain terrain. Secluded from other mountain girls who shared in the workload of thawing linder from the mountain, she felt ashamed and yearned to prove herself worthy, to gain her father’s love and trust.

The arrival of a lowlanders’ messenger and the news he had brought, made Miri unsure of her future. What is it that she most treasured; her mountain, family and childhood friend, Peder or her ambitions of proving herself to her village?

As the mountain girls learned and faced challengers so unlike the mountain they are used to; all for the sake of being the chosen bride to Prince Steffan. Miri was one of them, albeit an internal conflict, of which Peder played a part.

To cut short before I give the story away, this one is a very enjoyable read. Discover as uneducated mountain folks learned to sell their blocks of linder and the improvement in their livelihood. Or find out as Miri unravels the possibilities of quarry-speech. Or the almost embarrassing ending of the conclusion between Miri and Peder.

All in all, I loved the story. Truly a gem. Nothing sadistic or too romantic for the enjoyment of children in the range of 10 years old. Even the shy start of love is amusing.

My rating: A full 5 stars!

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