Book review: The Fidelity Project

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The Fidelity Project
By Susan Conley

ISBN 978 0 7553 4573 1


“Jacinta Quirke who waited for her ‘fiancé’ and Maxine O’Malley who seemed single; Jax and Max are two different personalities. One thing they currently had in common was that they are losing their job and need a plan, FAST.

Their escape rope: a documentary on fidelity. Jax who believes in waiting for her hopeless ‘fiancé’, tries to convince Max, ever the cynical, by roping in couples. As they delve deeper into each other’s love lives, the trouble really starts.”

My opinion:

Great storyline and amusing use of dialogues; it captured my attention. Nothing too cheesy about the love and life of the two women, the plot didn’t focus solely on them only. The author succeeds in expanding the plot through other characters connected to the two women. As the story proceeds, I tried to predict what was ahead. But the author had other plans, it seemed. Unpredictable twists and explosive events; it is a very enjoyable read.

Last note, I must warn that there are some adult scenes.

My favourite word from the book: Eejit!

Rating: Four stars.

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