Blog challenges #2

5:12 PM

This is a continuation of the 1st post here.

Remember how I said that I took a quick look? Well, it was lucky I did before Sept comes.

Problem is, I'm gonna have some issues of accessing the Net in the 1st week of Sept. It might persist till 12 Sept. So I can't start the challenges yet. I was half thinking of cheating, like doing the posts and just changing the publish time but looking at the challenges, no way. Too many 'current' stuff, so better no cheating for the publish date. Hahaha....

Have to wait till past 12 Sept or I might start posting about it in Oct. Whichever, to my convenience. Therefore, you'll be entertained with my usual rambles (I may do a What's in my bag post, however, it depends or you'll be bored with pack of tissues, books, pencil case post). Preferably too, you can ask what post you want me to do. Trust me, I won't bite. As long as it's not crap.

The deadline for that blog review contest is creeping up on me. Still editing the draft (more like I haven't typed it out even!). So happens that it's the same day as my course registration (smooth procedure this time around). Set date: 22 August.

Can't wait for semester to start. I'm actually getting jealous with those status on Facebook about assignments.

ps: It truly is dull without holding a pen and actually writing something down!


ps: I know, my signature rocks!! (Perasan statement, I know) xP

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