2 months of working part time: My SHORT experience

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Yeah, I kinda promise that I'm gonna post this one up.... Here goes~

First day of work- Was nervous and all. My first time WORKING!! Never mind that my Big bro worked before in Bintulu; I, on the other hand, had no experience! Damn PLKN for making me miss working experience... I did tried, not like I didn't try to get work. But that employer's excuse was that she wanted workers to stay until Christmas time... Right... By that time I would be in a camp. (Before 2011, PLKN started earlier, Dec. before 1 Jan even!) And also she wanted new workers to be those that would stay with them for 2,3 years... So, I got shown to the door. Thinking that it would be the same elsewhere, I stop and lazed at home till camp started.

So first day. Got the shirt. No collar. Like a trainee's shirt. Wished I'd put on a singlet, the shirt's material was thin WTH! And kinda stick close to my skin, so there was me, tugging my shirt up at the collar. Later on I found out that new cashiers used it before they upgrade to those grey T-shirts. (?) Anyway, the blue shirts mean that we're novice.

The local department's supervisor, a guy (I think name can come later~) gave us a very brief talk. Just to show us the area under local department. The blocks, those stuffs that aren't in their aisle (so that's what they call it); then which aisle we are going to take care of. Guess what, I'm a female, so naturally, I got the female's section. Don't understand? I was told to take care of the Sanitary section in aisle 9. Still don't understand? Okay, this one should be universal: Tuala Wanita. Yes, you understand now. And also the pet section.

Nothing much to say, I just nodded my head. Then he left to show my bro's aisle. My eyes surveyed the racks, rearranging stuffs and making them look neat. There's Kotex, Libresse, Biolife (was it?), Whisper, Carefree, Stayfree (I think this is the same as Carefree) and last, Intimate. Quite different brands, right? ;)

So first day ended, happily enough.

Though the same can't be said for my first afternoon shift.

It was the 4th working day. Was feeling unwell. I had to stand at my own FREEZING aisle, for Pete's sake! So quietly, I developed a cold. And a sore throat. Plus, being a goody-goody, I did not leave my aisle, even for a drink...

Thank goodness, I skipped that afternoon shift and the full shift the next day too.

And I'm proud to say, those are the only two days I didn't turn up for work.... Yeah, gonna be a bad record.

I went to work and the guy supervisor asked for reason of absence. I told him that I was sick. And he asked for a medical leave. Well, guess what, part timers don't have that privilege, I found out later. And besides, I don't know the panel doctors for the company.

So, salary for two days gone. Just like that~ Next time, ask if you are entitled to medical leave as a part timer. If not, try your best to be healthy at all times.

Another event which made me stopped rearranging things at my section...

After doing the usual, I walked around, seeing the place before it opens is so nice, the peace before humankind tramples in...

Then, I kinda heard (eavesdrop?) a lady talking to the guy supervisor.

"Who touched my things?" Original version: Siapa kacau barang saya?

I thought I was mistaken but her tone was unpleasant, like super annoyed that somebody disturbed her things. And guess, what 'things'? She's the Intimate promoter....... So the somebody happened to be.......... ME. After that, I never ever arrange Intimate, even though it looked like a tornado struck.

In comparison, Libresse promoter is so kind and so is Kotex. Thumbs up for great human selection!

(An interesting story later: Humble Kotex vs Arrogant Intimate)

A week goes by, then the next....

Oh, I made friends, gradually. But it makes working fun, with friends.

This was the first friendship.

As usual, after checking that my section was neat, I went to my bro's aisle to chat. While walking aimlessly, a guy beckoned in aisle 8.

"Help me with the snacks, please?" Original version: Tolong saya susun keropok.

Joy that I had work to do, I helped. And we talked while our hands moved.

Something simple but that was my first true friend at the workplace.

Then, weeks passed and more friendships began. Though some I'm not quite happy with. I ended up being always a listener. I guess I have the face of a counselor? Whenever I want to be the talker, I get shunned. So it's better to just clam up and listen.

June ended and my first payment!! It was RM300++. Not gonna tell the precise amount. :P

July began, with some events.

One thing, I prefer to eat in peace. The irony of it; I'm eating in a noisy food court. WTH Meaning that I hoped for one table to ONLY be me alone. Or if there has to be someone else, my bro fits perfectly. He's quiet, playing his PSP, not talking away like girls. And thankfully, some girls know when I do not want to talk. Though there was this one cashier, who insists on talking. While I'm still eating even. Politely, I just nodded my head, gracefully, or else I end up eating my own hair.

Besides the guy supervisor, there's a lady supervisor too, which I followed a senior's example, to address as a kakak. And I like that kakak. Though she forgets that I'm not Chinese, I readily forgave her whenever she talked Chinese to me. And so in local department: 2 supervisor (I think that's what they are... or is it Exec?), 6 black T-shirts (2 girls, 4 boys...), and 6 blue shirts (ME, my bro, 1 girl and 3 other boys).

Black T-shirts meant that they are our seniors; they've been working for more than 6 months.

Okay, nothing else after that brief intro.

July's payment was more than June's payment~ ;)

And also my last payment.

Other stories will be in upcoming posts!

Until then, enjoy the break!

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